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2011 Novels and Collections

This is a list of books of literature of the fantastic written by Canadians. Only those which are novels or novel-length collections are eligible for the Sunburst Award.
Note: HC=Hardcover; TD=Trade Cover; PB=Paperback

Novels (alphabetical by author):

d'Abo, Christine, The Bond That Consumes Us (Ellora's Cave, 2011) TD
Abrahamson, Karen L., Mutable Things (Twisted Root, 2011) TD
Abrahamson, Karen L., The Cartographer's Daughter (Twisted Root, 2011) TD
Adams, Jocelyne, The Glass Man (J. Taylor, 2011) TD
Amberstone, Celu, The Dreamer's Legacy (Kegedonce, 2011) TD
Anderson, Krysia, Misfit on Gelion (Absolute Xpress, 2011) TD
Anderson, R. J,. Ultraviolet (Lerner, 2011) HC
Arend, Vivian, Breaking Waves (Samhain, 2011) TD
Arend, Vivian, Under the Midnight Sun (Samhain, 2011) TD
Arenson, Daniel, Blood of Requiem (self, 2011) TD
Arenson, Daniel, Tears of Requiem (self, 2011) TD
Arenson, Daniel, Light of Reqiuem (self, 2011) TD
Arenson, Daniel. Eye of the Wizard (self, 2011) TD
Armstrong, Kelley, Spell Bound (Random House, 2011) HC
Armstrong, Kelley, Hidden (Subterranean, 2011) HC
Arthurs, Paul, Assault (Plainville Press, 2011) TD
Austen, Catherine, All Good Children (Orca, 2011) HC
Auxier, Jonathan, Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes (Penguin, 2011) HC

Baggio, Allison, Girl in Shades (ECW, 2011) TD
Bakker, R. Scott, The White-Luck Warrior (Penguin, 2011) TD
Ball, Krista, Road to Hell (Mundania, 2011) TD
Bapst, Don, The Hanged Man (Signature Editions, 2011) TD
Barant, D. D., Bettter Off Undead (St. Martin's, 2011) PB
Battis, Jes, Infernal Affairs (Ace, 2011) PB
Bedwell-Grime, Stephanie, Mummy's The Word (Double Dragon, 2011) TD
Bedwell-Grime, Stephanie, Wishful Thinking (Double Dragon, 2011) TD
Bell, Nancy Marie, Laurel's Miracle (MuseItUp, 2011) TD
Below, Lindsay, Lurkers (MuseItUp, 2011) TD
Bennett, Stephen Lorne, Last of the Ninth (Deux Voiliers, 2011) TD
Blair, Kate, Autumn Roses (Trafford, 2011) TD
Boudreau, Chantal, Fervor (May December, 2011) TD
Bouyoucas, Pan, The Tattoo (Cormorant, 2011) TD
Bowman, Patricia Corbett, Back In Her Time (General Store Publishing, 2011) TD
Bowman, Patrick, Torn From Troy (Ronsdale, 2011) TD
Bracegirdle. P. J., Sinister Scenes (McElderry, 2011) HC
Bradford, Karleen, The Other Elizabeth (Starburst, 2011) TD
Bradford, Karleen, The Stone in the Meadow (Starburst, 2011) TD
Brenna, Beverley, Falling For Henry (Red Deer, 2011) TD
Bridgeman, Rae, Kingdom of Trolls (Sybertooth, 2011) TD
Brouwer, Sigmund, The Canary List (Water Brook, 2011) TD
Burnell, David E., The Coven of the Unholy (Vivalogue, 2011) TD
Burgess, Tony, Idaho Winter (ECW, 2011) TD
Butler Hallett, Michelle, Deluded Your Sailors (Killick, 2011) TD

Card, Melanie, Ward Against Death (Entangled, 2011) TD
Carter, Timothy, The Cupid War (Flux, 2011) TD
Castellucci, Cecil, First Day On Earth (Scholastic, 2011) HC
Chan, Marty, A Close Shave (Thistledown, 2011) TD
Chan, Marty, The Forbidden Phoenix (Playwrights Canada Press, 2011) TD
Chinn, Noah, Bleeding Heart Yard (Mundania, 2011) TD
Christopher, Tina, Tangled Shadows (Ellora's Cave, 2011) TD
Chung, Jennifer K., Terroryaki (3-Day Books, 2011) TD
Clarke, S. J., Mind Over Matter (, 2011) TD
Clendening, Derek, The Breeding (self, 2011) TD
Clendening, Derek, The Vampire Way (Naked Snake, 2011) TD
Clendening, Derek, Blood Promise (Naked Snake, 2011) TD
Coakley, Lena, Witchlanders (Atheneum, 2011) HC
Cohen, Marina, Mind Gap (Dundurn, 2011) TD
Cohen, Marina, Chasing the White Witch (Dundurn, 2011) TD
Cohen, Tish, Switch (HarperCollins, 2011) TD
Collins, P. J. Sarah, What Happened to Serenity (Red Deer, 2011) TD
Cook, Eileen, Fourth Grade Fairy (Aladdin, 2011) TD
Cooke, Deborah, Flying Blind (NAL, 2011) TD
Cooke, Deborah, Winging It (NAL, 2011) TD
Cooke, Deborah, Darkfire Kiss (Signet, 2011) PB
Couture, Dani, Algoma (Invisible, 2011) TD
Cross, Kady, The Girl in the Steel Corset (Harlequin, 2011) HC
Crossley, Russ, Attack of the Lushites (53rd ST Publishing, 2011) TD
Cummings, Sean, Unseen World (Snowbooks, 2011) TD
Curtis, Ellen Louise, Compendium (Engen, 2011) TD

Dales, Karen, Shadow of Death (Dark Dragon, 2011) TD
Daley, James Roy, Into Hell (Books of the Dead, 2011) TD
Danielle Bennett & Jaida Jones, Steelhands (Random House, 2011) HC
Davidge, James, Driftwood`s War (Bayeux, 2011) PB
Davies, Corinne, Caress of Fur (Siren, 2011) TD
Davies, Corinne, Steamed Up Memories (Siren, 2011) TD
Davies, Corinne, Steam Powered Passion (Siren, 2011) TD
Dawson, C.A., Frozen in Time (Babora, 2011) TD
Deane, Elvis, Pistachio The Tyrant (Impossibilia, 2011) TD
Dearsley, B. A., Alex Mortimer & The Beast of Wildeor (Walden House, 2011) TD
Deen, Natasha, True Grime (Blueberrey Hill, 2011) TD
Deen, Natasha, Sneakers, Sandals & Stilettos (Blueberry Hill, 2011) TD
Delsol, Wendy, Frost (Candlewick, 2011) HC
Dembo, Arinn, The Deacon's Tale (Kthonia, 2011) TD
Denham, Joe, The Year of Broken Glass (Caitlin Press, 2011) TD
Denison, John, Hanna: The President's Daughter (Why Knot Books, 2011) TD
Denison, John, Unlock Holmes: Space Detective (Why Knot Books, 2011) TD
DiLouie, Craig, The Infection (Permuted Press, 2011) TD
Dinsmore, Danika, Brigitta of the White Forest (En Theos Press, 2011) TD
Dixon, Sean, The Many Revenges of Kip Flynn (Coach House, 2011) TD
Doctorow, Cory, The Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow (PM Press, 2011) TD
Dorsey, Angela, The Rime Thief (Dundurn, 2011) TD
Dowsett, Justine Allen, Lands of Jade (, 2011) TD
Dowsett, Justine Allen & Colleen Martin, Neo-Central (, 2011) TD
Draven, Alan, Fractured Time (Black Bed Sheet, 2011) TD
Duncan, David, When the Saints (Tor, 2011) HC

Elder, Joanne, Spectra (Muse It Up, 2011) TD
Enfield, Tyler, Tabetha's Last Task (Emerald, 2011) TD
Evans, Chris, Ashes of a Black Frost (Gallery, 2011) HC
Evans, Jon, Beasts of New York (Porcupine's Quill, 2011) TD

Faucher, Kane, The Infinite Library (Enigmatic Ink, 2011) e#
Faust, Minister, The Alchemists of Kush (Narmer`s Palette, 2011) TD
Fergus, Maureen, Ortega (Kids Can Press, 2011) HC
Ferris, Glora, Cheat the Hangman (Imajin, 2011) TD
Findlay, Jamieson, Into That Darkness (Doubleday, 2011) TD
Fitzsimmons, Catherine, Aurius (Brain Lag, 2011) TD
Fodi, Lee Edward, Kendra Kandlestar and the Crack in Kazah (Brown, 2011) HC
Fox, Cathryn, Indulgent (NAL, 2011) PB
Freeston, D. Leonard, The Sixth Extinction (Dundurn, 2011) TD
Frey, J. M., Triptych (Dragon Moon, 2011) TD
Froese, Gayleen, Grayling Cross (NeWest, 2011) TD
Fuchs, A. P., Discovery of Death (Coscom, 2011) TD
Fuchs, A. P., Life of Death (Coscom, 2011) TD
Fuchs, A. P., Memories of Death (Coscom, 2011) TD

Gaider, David, Dragon Age: Asunder (Tor, 2011) PB
George, Kallie, The Melancholic Mermaid (Simply Read, 2011) HC
Ghent, Natale, Against All Odds (HarperCollins, 2011) TD
Gibbins, David, The Gods of Atlantis (Headline, 2011) HC
Gillmor, Don, The Time Time Stopped (Scholastic, 2011) TD
Godbout, Neil, Disintegrate (Bundoran, 2011) TD
Goldenberg, Alisse Lee, The Strings of the Violin (iUniverse, 2011) HC
Gosling, C. J., The Guardian (Brighter Books, 2011) HC
Gould, Kimberly, Cargon: Honour & Privilege (CreateSpace, 2011) TD

Hamilton, Seymour, The Voyage South (Cortero, 2011) TD
Hamilton, Seymour, The Men of the Sea (Cortero, 2011) TD
Hart, Geoff, Dance the Shadows (Diaskeuasis, 2011) TD
Harvey, Alexandra, Haunting Violet (Walker & Co, 2011) HC
Harvey, Alyxandra, Bleeding Hearts (Bloomsbury, 2011) HC
Harvey, Kenneth J., Reinventing the Rose (Dundurn, 2011) TD
Hayden, Tyler, Ohmhole (Bookthug, 2011) TD
Hayward, Amber, Stolen Children (Edge, 2011) TD
Hayward, Brent, The Fecund`s Melancholy Daughter (CZP, 2011) HC
Hayward, Steven, Don`t Be Afraid (Knopf, 2011) HC
Heinrichs, Cynthia, Under the Mound (Simply Read, 2011) HC
Hirst, E. M. A., Flood Waters Rising (self, 2011) TD
Hoare, Christopher, Rast (MuseItUp, 2011) TD
Huff, Tanya, The Wild Ways (Daw, 2011) HC 
Hughes, Matthew, The Damned Busters (Angry Robot, 2011) PB
Hughes, Matthew, The Other (Underland, 2011) TD
Humphreys, C.C., The Hunt of the Unicorn (Knopf, 2011) HC
Hunt, Stephen, Jack Cloudie (HarperCollins, 2011) TD

Jakober, Marie, The Demon Left Behind (Edge, 2011) TD
Johansen, K. V., Blackdog (Pyr, 2011) TD
Johansen, K. V., The Black Box (Sybertooth, 2011) TD
Johnson, Harold, The Cast Stone (Thistledown, 2011) TD
Joseph, Shane, Fringe Dwellers (Hidden Brook, 2011) TD

Karpyshyn, Drew, SW: The Old Republic: Revan (Lucasbooks, 2011) HC
Kaufman, Lory S, The Lens and the Looker (Fiction Studio, 2011) TD
Kaufman, Lory S, The Bronze and the Brimstone (Fiction Studio, 2011) TD
Kay, Edward, Dark Secrets (Doubleday, 2011) TD
Kearsley, Susanna, The Rose Garden (Alison & Busby, 2011) TD
Keating, Taylor, Mind Games (Tor, 2011) PB
Kelly, Sofie, Curiosity Thrilled the Cat (NAL, 2011) PB
Kelly, Sofie, Slight of Paw (NAL, 2011) PB
Kennedy, Stacey, Stolen Dreams (self, 2011) TD
Kennedy, Stacey, First and Last (self, 2011) TD
Kennedy, Stacey, A Warrior's Witch (Createspace, 2011) TD
Kinsella, W. P., Butterfly Winter (Great Plains, 2011) HC
Korinetz, David, Halfling (self, 2011) TD

Laferriere, Dany, The Return (Douglas & McIntyre, 2011) TD
Lamont, D.F., The Jinx (self, 2011) PB
Langlais, Eve, Betraying the Pack (Createspace, 2011) TD
Langlais, Eve, Bunny and the Bear (Createspace, 2011) TD
Langlais, Eve, Accidental Abduction (Createspace, 2011) TD
Langlais, Eve, Alien Mate (Createspace, 2011) TD
Langlais, Eve, Intentional Abduction (Createspace, 2011) TD
Langlais, Eve, Jealous and Freakin' (Createspace, 2011) TD
Langlais, Eve, Swan and the Bear (Createspace, 2011) TD
Langlais, Eve, The Geek Job (Createspace, 2011) TD
Langlais, Eve, Defying the Law (Createspace, 2011) TD
Lavorato, Mark, Believing Cedric (Brindle & Glas, 2011)s TD
Lawrence, Iain, The Winter Pony (Random House, 2011) HC
Lawson, Julie, Ghosts of the Titanic (Scholastic, 2011) TD
Laws, Robin D., The Worldwound Gambit (Paiso, 2011) PB
LeDrew, Matthew, Becoming (Engen, 2011) TD
LeDrew, Matthew, Inner Child (Engen, 2011) TD
LeFave, Karen, Nemecene (Aguacene, 2011) TD
Lehn, Fiona, The Last Letter (Aqueduct, 2011) TD
Lenard, Rob, The Amazing Adventures of the Iron Crow Brothers and Bree Saint Marie (H.T. Murgatroyd, 2011) TD
Lestewka, Patrick, Vehicles (Delirium, 2011) HC
Lestewka, Patrick, The Coliseum (Necro, 2011) TD
Livingston, Lesley, Once Every Never (Penguin, 2011) TD
Lohans, Alison, Picturing Alyssa (Dundurn, 2011) TD
Luiken, Nicole, Dreamline (Great Plains, 2011) TD
Luhning, Holly, Quiver (HarperCollins, 2011) TD

MacDonald, Susan M., Edge of Time (Breakwater, 2011) TD
Mallet, Nathalie, Death In the Travelling City (self, 2011) TD
Marshall, Clare C., Within (, 2011) TD
Martin, C. K. Kelly, My Beating Teenage Heart (Doubleday, 2011) HC
Mather, Matthew, Phuture Dawn (PhutureNews, 2011) TD
McKay, Ami, The Virgin Cure (Knopf, 2011) HC
McLean, Matti, Catalyst (Solar Storm, 2011) HC
McCleave, Annette, Surrender to Darkness (Signet, 2011) PB
McCully, Sarah, Female of the Species (Queen & King, 2011) TD
McIntosh, D.J., The Witch of Babylon (Penguin, 2011) HC
McGowan, Maureen, Cinderella: Ninja Warrior (Silver Dolphin, 2011) TD
McGowan, Maureen, Sleeping Beauty: Ninja Warrior (Silver Dolphin, 2011) TD
McNaughton, Janet, Dragonseer's Gift (HarperCollins, 2011) HC
Meikle, William, The Concordances of the Red Sepent (Seven Realms, 2011) TD
Meikle, William, Carnacki: Heaven and Hell (Ghost House, 2011) TD
Meikle, Eliiam, The Creeping Kelp (Dark Renaissance, 2011) TD
Mell, Mckenzie, The Scorpion and the Witch (CreateSpace, 2011) PB
Miller, Karen, Blight of Mages (Orbit, 2011) HC
Millet, Lydia, The Fires Beneath the Sea (CZP, 2011) HC
Millett, Lydia, Ghost Lights (Norton, 2011) HC
Moloney, Susie, The Thirteen (Random House, 2011) HC
Mirolla, Michael, The Ballad of Martin B. (Quattro, 2011) TD
Moore, Moira J,. Heroes at Odds (Ace, 2011) PB
Morales, Georgina, Perpetual Night (Post Mortem, 2011) TD
Morse, Garry Thomas, Death in Vancouver (Talonbooks, 2011) TD
Munday, Evan, The Dead Kid Detective Agency (ECW, 2011) TD
Munteanu, Nina, Outer Diverse (Wolfsinger, 2011) TD
Munteanu, Nina, Angel of Chaos (Dragon Moon, 2011) TD
Murphy, Derryl, Napier`s Bones (CZP, 2011) HC

Nantus, Sheryl, Wild Cards & Iron Horses (Samhain, 2011) TD
Nantus, Sheryl, Blaze of Glory (Samhain, 2011) TD
Narrol, D. L., Prehistoric Journey: The First Expeditions (Double Dragon, 2011) TD
Narsimhan, Mahtab, The Deadly Conch (Dundurn, 2011) TD
Nason, Riel, The Town That Drowned (Goose Lane, 2011) TD
Neubert, Oliver, Chantal's Quest for the Silverleaf (Simply Read, 2011) TD
Neprily, Shannon, Lock and Key (, 2011) TD
Nevins, D.H., Wormwood Black (Wraith, 2011) TD
Nuttall-Smith, Ben, Blood, Feathers & Holy Men (libros libertad, 2011) TD
Nickle, David, Eutopia (CZP, 2011) HC

Oakley, Ryan, Technicolor Ultra Mall (Edge, 2011) TD
Olsen, J. J., The Final Journey (AuthorHouse, 2011) TD
O'Keefe, Charles, The Newfoundland Vampire (Penumbra, 2011) TD
Oppel, Kenneth, This Dark Endeavour (HarperCollins, 2011) HC

Page, Sharon, Blood Wicked (Aphrodisia, 2011) TD
Paille, Rhiannon, Flame of Surrender (CosCom, 2011) TD
Patton, Fiona, The Shining City (DAW, 2011) TD
Pearce, Jeff, The Karma Booth (Gallivant, 2011) TD
Pearce, Jeff, Bianca (Gallivant, 2011) TD
Pearce, Jeff, Reich TV (Gallivant, 2011) TD
Peever, Lydia, Nightface (Post Mortem, 2011) TD
Perlmutter, David, Pups (Library of SF&F Press, 2011) TD
Poitevin, Linda, Sins of the Angels (Berkley, 2011) PB
Perro, Bryan, Amos Daragon (Delacorte (Random House), 2011) HC
Poeltl, Michael, Rebirth (self, 2011) TD
Popowich, Jamie, Metraville (Insomniac, 2011) TD
Porter, Pamela, I'll Be Watching You (Groundwood, 2011) HC
Powell, Jennette Marie, Time's Enemy (Mythical, 2011) TD
Price, Steven, Into That Darkness (Thomas Allen, 2011) TD
Pyper, Andrew, The Guardians (Doubleday Canada, 2011) HC
Quartermain, Meredith, Recipes From the Red Planet (Bookthug, 2011) TD

Rainfield, C.A., Walking Both Sides (High Interest, 2011) TD
Rainfierld, Cheryl, Hunted (West Side, 2011) HC
Rene, Richard, The Edge of Mysterion (Conciliar, 2011) TD
Rhind, D. C., The Pirates Nemesis (, 2011) TD
Rhind, D. C., Revenge of the Wolf (, 2011) TD
Rhind, D. C., Outlaw Samurai (, 2011) TD
Richards, David, The Source of Light (Thistledown, 2011) TD
Richardson, Shelly, Sophie and the Magic of Dance (Eddy, 2011) TD
Roberts, Jeyn, Dark Inside (Simon & Schuster, 2011) HC
Robinson, Diane, Mae Sir Princess Petra (Tate, 2011) PB
Rogal, Stan, Bloodline (Insomniac, 2011) TD
Rogers, Ian, Deadstock (Stone Bunny, 2011) TD
Rose, Simon, The Time Camera (Tradewind, 2011) TD
Rosko, Mandy, Night and Day (Siren, 2011) TD
Rosko, Mandy, Howling For You (Siren, 2011) TD
Roy, Philip, Ghosts of the Pacific (Ronsdale, 2011) TD
Rowe, Michael, Enter Night (CZP, 2011) HC
Rowen, Michelle, Bloodlust (Berkley, 2011) PB
Rowen, Michelle, Nightshade (Berkley, 2011) PB
Rowen, Michelle, That Old Black Magic (Berkley, 2011) PB

Sagara, Michelle, Cast in Ruin Luna (Harlequin, 2011) TD
Sands, Lynsay, The Reluctant Vampire (Avon, 2011) PB
Sawyer, Robert J., Wonder (Penguin, 2011) HC
Schnarr, J. W., Alice & Dorothy (Northern Frights, 2011) TD
Schuh, Eileen, Schrodinger's Cat (Starfire, 2011) TD
Schnarr, J.W., Alice & Dorothy (NFP, 2011) TD
Schwartz, Virginia, Frances Nutz! (Tradewind, 2011) TD
Silver, Eve, Body of Sin (Ace, 2011) PB
Sinclair, Alison, Shadowborn (ROC, 2011) TD
Slade, Arthur, Empire of Ruins (HarperCollins, 2011) HC
Slavin, Bill, Big City Otto (Kids Can, 2011) HC
Smith, Jefferson, Strange Places (Indie Ink, 2011) TD
Smith, Julia, Philips Saint Sanguinus (self, 2011) TD
Sommerland, Bianca, Rosemary Entwined (Total-e-Bound, 2011) TD
Spence, Randy, Time to Time (self, 2011) TD
Sproul, Alex, Afterlife Legacies (Bryler, 2011) TD
Srigley, P., Blue Wings (WigglesWorth, 2011) TD
Srigley, P., Three Wishes Vending Machine (WigglesWorth, 2011) TD
Srigley, P., Fire-Scape (WigglesWorth, 2011) TD
Srigley, P., Universe Idol (WigglesWorth, 2011) TD
Srigley, P. & Lee Strugg, Curse of the Storyteller (WigglesWorth, 2011) TD
Srigley, P., Halloween on the Farm (WigglesWorth, 2011) TD

Stacey, Cynthia, The Witch Guardian (General Store Publishing, 2011) TD
Stanton, Steve, Retribution (ECW, 2011) TD
Stewart, Ainslie, The Entangling (Bryler, 2011) TD
Stevenson, Richard, The Haunting of Amos Manor (Palimpsest, 2011) TD
Stirling, S.M., The Council of Shadows (ROC, 2011) HC
Stirling, S.M., The Tears of the Sun (ROC, 2011) HC
St. Martin, Rob, Sunset Val Flies Again (Weird & Wondrous, 2011) TD
St. Martin, Rob, Princess Smith and the Clockwork Knight (self, 2011) TD
St. Martin, Rob, Welcome to Black River (self, 2011) TD
Story, Kate, Wrecked Upon This Shore (Killick, 2011) TD
Stone, Juliana, His Darkest Salvation (Avon, 2011) PB
Strange, Liz, The Embrace of Life and Death (MLR Press, 2011) TD
Straub, P.T., The Ordinary Adept (Authorhouse, 2011) TD
Sylvis, F. J., The Phoenix Saga: Two Plays (self, 2011) TD

Tam, Kenneth, The Articles of War (Iceberg, 2011) TD
Tam, Kenneth, The Pax Terra (Iceberg, 2011) TD
Tardif, Cheryl, Kaye The River (Imagin, 2011) TD
Tardif, Cheryl, Kaye Divine Intervention (Imagin, 2011) TD
Tardif, Cheryl, Kaye Divine Justice (Imagin, 2011) TD
Tardif, Cheryl, Kaye Children of the Fog (Imagin, 2011) TD
Temrick, David, Draconis' Bane (Createspace, 2011) TD
Thake, Richard, Sir Seth Thistlethwaite and the Kingdom of the Caves (Owlkids, 2011) HC
Tombs, T.C., Run With The Wolves (iUniverse, 2011) HC
Treggiari, Jo, Ashes, Ashes (Scholastic, 2011) HC
Tucker, K.A., Anathema (Papoti, 2011) TD
Tucker, K.A., Asylum (Papoti, 2011) TD
Turner, Chris, Wolf's Head (Innersky, 2011) TD
Turner, Chris, Denibus Ar (Innersky, 2011) TD

Van Diepen, Alison, The Vampire Stalker (Scholastic, 2011) HC
Vernon, Steve, Sinking Deeper (Nimbus, 2011) TD
Vlach, Heidi C., Remedy (self, 2011) TD

Wallace, T.M., Under a Fairy Moon (Brownridge, 2011) TD
Walters, Eric, End of Days (Doubleday, 2011) TD
Walton, Jo, Among Others (Tor, 2011) HC
Watts, Peter, Crysis (Del Rey, 2011) TD
Weaver, Ingrid, Delaney`s Shadow (Berkley, 2011) PB
Weekes, Carol, Terribilis (Atomic Fez, 2011) PB
Wesson, Paul, Gambling With Galaxies (Vantage, 2011) TD
Wehm, M. Darusha, Act of Will (self, 2011) TD
Wiebe, Kurtis, Between Worlds (Bundoran, 2011) TD
Wilkinson, Tammy, Blood of the Ancients (self, 2011) TD
Wilson, Robert, Charles Vortex (Tor, 2011) HC
Wishinsky, Frieda, Arctic Storm (Maple Tree, 2011) HC
Wood, Maggie L., Captured (Lobster, 2011) TD
Wood, Maggie L., The Darkening (Lobster, 2011) TD
Wylie, Jen, Sweet Light (Echelon, 2011) TD

Yee, Paul, The Secret Keepers (Tradewind, 2011) TD
Young, Moira, Blood Red Road (Doubleday, 2011) HC

Zentner, Alexi, Touch (Knopf, 2011) HC


Barwin, Gary, Franzlations (Anvil, 2011) TD
Black, Carolyn, The Odious Child and Other Stories (Nightwood, 2011) TD
Carriere, S. M., The Dying God and Other Stories (CreateSpace, 2011) TD
Christopher, Neil, Arctic Giants (Inhabit Media, 2011) HC
Clark, Kim, Attemptations (Caitlin Press, 2011) TD
Clendening, Derek, Clock Strikes Two and Other Stories (Mausoleum, 2011) TD
Coupland, Douglas, Highly Inappropriate Tales For Young People (Random House, 2011) HC
Dembo, Arinn, Monsoon and Other Stories (Kthonia, 2011) TD
Grant, Glenn, Burning Days (nanopress, 2011) TD
Hannett, Lisa L., Bluegrass Symphony (Ticonderoga Publications, 2011) TD
Hart, Geoff, A Higher Power and Other Stories (Diaskeuasis, 2011) TD
Lalumiere, Claude, The Door to Lost Pages (CZP, 2011) HC
Overton, Scott, Canadian Tales of the Fantastic (Red Tuque, 2011) TD
Popowich, Jamie, Metraville (Insomniac, 2011) TD
Ramsay, Sherry, To Unimagined Shores (Third Person, 2011) TD
Rollo, Gord & Gene O'Neill, Mean Streets (Thunder Peak, 2011) TD
Ryman, Geoff, Paradise Tales (Small Beer, 2011) TD
Stewart, A.F., Ruined City (, 2011) TD
Strantzas, Simon, Nightingale Songs (Dark Regions, 2011) HC
Tinsley, Sean A. & Rachel A. Qitsualik, Ajjiit (Inhabit, 2011) TD
Trafford, Matthew J., The Divinity (Gene Douglas & McIntyre, 2011) TD
Turner, Chris, Fantastic Realms (Innersky, 2011), 2011) TD
Turner, Chris, Future Destinies (Innersky TD
Turner, Chris , Tales of Other Worlds (Deux Voiliers, 2011) TD
Tyson, Donald, The Ravener and Others (Avalonia, 2011) TD
Umlah, Wendy, Sigmund Mortimer Ganymede Crumb: The One (Bryler, 2011) TD
Valgardson, W.D., What the Bear Said (Turnstone, 2011) TD
Vernon, Steve, Lunenberg Werewolf (Nimbus, 2011) TD
Vine, Stephen, Ezekiel's Ring (self, 2011) TD
Youers, Rio, Dark Dreams Pale Horses (PS, 2011) HC