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2016 Novels & Collections

This is a list of books of literature of the fantastic written by Canadians. Only those which are novels or novel-length collections are eligible for the Sunburst Award.

Note: HC=Hardcover; TD=Trade Cover; PB=Paperback

Copyright 2016; All Rights Reserved


Adler, Nathan, Wrist (Kegedonce, TD)
Alcaro, Huey, In the Land of Two-Legged Women (Inanna, TD)
Alward, Amy, Royal Tour (Simon & Schuster, HC)
Anderson-Dargatz, Gail, The Spawning Ground (Knopf, HC)
Anderson-Dargatz, Gail, Race Against Time: A Claire Abbott Mystery (Raven, TD)
Anderson, R. J., A Little Taste of Poison (Atheneum, HC)
Annandale, David, The Unburdened (Games Workshop, TD)
Annandale, David, Pyres of Armageddon (Games Workshop, TD)
Annandale, David, The Last Wall (Games Workshop, HC)
Annandale, David, Watchers in Death (Black Library, HC)
Annandale, David, Lord of Ultramar (Black Library, HC)
Annandale, David, Warden of the Blade (Black Library, HC)
Annandale, David, Hunt For Vulcan (Black Library, TD)
Arato, Rona, Sammy and the Headless Horseman (Fitzhenry & Whiteside, TD)
Archer, Katrina, The Tree of Souls (Ganache Media, TD)
Arenson, Daniel, Earthlost (Createspace, TD)
Arenson, Daniel, Earth Alone (Createspace, TD)
Arenson, Daniel, Earth Rising (Createspace, TD)
Arenson, Daniel, Earth Fire (Createspace, TD)
Arenson, Daniel, Forged in Dragonfire (Createspace, TD)
Arenson, Daniel, Crown of Dragonfire (Createspace, TD)
Arenson, Danile, Pillars of Dragonfire (Createspace, TD)
Armstrong, Kelley, Betrayals (Random House, HC)
Armstrong, Kelley, Driven (Subterranean, HC)
Ashby, Madeline, Company Town (Tor, TD)
Atkinson, Dave, Cure for Wereduck (Nimbus, TD)
Auxier, Jonathan, Sophie Quire and The Last Storyguard (Puffin, HC)
Auxier, Jonathan, The Burning Tide (Scholastic, HC)
Bakker, R. Scott, The Great Ordeal (Overlook, HC)
Bantock, Nick, The Pharos Gate (Chronicle, HC)
Bartlett, Scott, Flight or Fight (Mirth, TD)
Bartlett, Scott, Craven World (Mirth, TD)
Barwin, Gary, Yiddish for Pirates (Chronicle, HC)
Bass, Karen, The Hill (Pajama, TD)
Beckel, Annamarie, Weaving Water (Killick, TD)
Bedwell-Grime, Stephanie, In a Minor Key (Feral Martian, TD)
Bedwell-Grime, Stephanie, Dark Angel, Vol. 3 (Feral Martian, TD)
Bel'Harold, Aviva, Quista (Edge, TD)
Bell, E.C., Stalking the Dead (Tyche, TD)
Bell, Nancy M. & Pat Dale, The Teddy Dialogues (Red Tuque, TD)
Bell, Nancy M. & Pat Dale, No Absolution (BWL, TD)
Bilodeau, Marie, Eye of Glass (EGG, HC)
Blair, Kate, Transferral (Cormorant, TD)
Blennerhassen, Patrick, The Fatalists (Now or Never, TD)
Boffard, Robert, Impact (Redhook (Orion?)), TD)
Boffard, Robert, Zero-G (Redhook (Orion?)), TD)
Boffard, Robert, Tracer (Redhook (Orion?)), TD)
Bogart, J.M., Shadow Shifts (Mourning Paine, TD)
Bohnet, Susan & K.L. Webster, Lethal Influence (Edge, TD)
Boomer, T. K., Planet Song (self, TD)
Boone, Ezekiel, The Hatching (Random House, HC)
Boorman, Kate A., Heartfire (Harry N. Abrams, HC)
Boorman, Kate A., Invierno Assesino
Bow, Erin, The Swan Riders (Simon & Schuster, TD)
Bow, James, Icarus Down (Scholastic, TD)
Bowdring, Paul, Mister Nightingale (Vagrant, TD)
Boyd, Robert J., Portia Bench (Promontory Press, TD)
Boyden, Joseph, Wenjack (Hamish Hamilton, TD)
Brandt, Gerald, The Courier (Daw, HC)
Brandt, Gerald, The Operative (Daw, HC)
Brown, C.J., By Way of Sight (Createspace, TD)
Bucholz, Chris, Freeze/Thaw (Apex, TD)
Cameron, Christian, A Plague of Swords (Orbit, TD)
Cannon, Kristan, Between Silence and Fire (Kceditions, HC)
Card, Liam, Stopgap (Dundurn, TD)
Carriere, S.M., Sky Road Warrior (self, TD)
Casper, Claudia, The Mercy Journals (Arsenal Pulp, TD)
Castelluci, Cecil, Stone in the Sky (Roaring Brook, HC)
Chabot, Jason, Beyond (HarperTrophy, TD)
Challenger, Charlene, The Myth in Distance (Tightrope, TD)
Charish, Kristi, Owl and the City of Angels (Gallery, TD)
Charish, Kristi, The Voodoo Killings (Vintage/Random House, TD)
Choyce, Lesley, Closing Down Heaven (Red Deer, TD)
Church, Suzanne, Soul Larcenist (EGG, HC)
Citra, Becky, The Gryphon of Darkwood (Coteau, TD)
Clerson, David, Brothers (Baraka, TD)
Coakley, Lena, Worlds of Ink and Shadow (HarperCollins, HC)
Cockle, Kevin, Spawning Ground (Tyche, TD)
Cohen, Marina, The Inn Between (Roaring Book, HC)
Conlin, Christy Ann, The Memento (Doubleday, TD)
Coles, Bennett R., Ghosts of War (Titan, TD)
Cook, Kade, Grey, Theo & Quinn (Creativeworks, TD)
Couelle-Sterling, Pepper, Secrets of the Painted Door (Oolichan, TD)
Crewe, Megan, A Mortal Song (Another World, TD)
Cross, Kady, Sisters of Salt and Iron (Harlequin Teen, HC)
Cummings, Sean, Immortal Remains (Back Alley, PB)
Cummings, Sean, The North (Severed, TD)
Cumyn, Alan, Hot Pterodactyl Boyfriend (Atheneum, TD)
Currie, Evan, Warrior King (47N, TD)
Currie, Evan, An Empire Asunder (47N, TD)
Currie, Susan, The Mask That Sang (Second Story, TD)
Curtis, Ellen L. & Matthew LeDrew, Exodus of Angels (Engen, TD)
Czerneda, Julie, The Gate to Futures Past (Daw, HC)
Das, Indra, The Devourers (Del Rey, HC)
Daven, Kit, The Other Castle (Eager Eye, TD)
de Castell, Sebastien, Saint's Blood (Penguin / Viking, HC)
Deen, Natasha, Gatekeeper (Great Plains, TD)
DeLaronde, Deborah L., The Stone Gift (Kegedonce, TD)
Dellamonica, A.M., The Nature of a Pirate (Tor Forge, HC)
DeMeulemeester, Linda, Carnival of Secrets (Wandering Fox, TD)
De Montigny, Suzanne, The Deception (BWL, TD)
De Montigny, Suzanne, A Town Bewitched (BWL, TD)
Desmarais, Eric, A Study in Aether (Renaissance, TD)
Dickson, H. Leighton, Dragon of Ash and Stars (Createspace, TD)
Dickson, H. Leighton, Cold Stone & Ivy (Createspace, TD)
Diem, Rebecca, A Gentleman and a Scholar (Woolf Like Me, TD)
Donaldson, Lesley, The Queen's Viper (Aquorthies, TD)
Dowding, Philippa, Everton Miles is Stranger Than Me (Dundurn, TD)
Draga, Brandon, The Council of Tymenthia (Createspace, TD)
Dreece, Adam, The Man of Cloud 9 (ADZO, TD)
Dreece, Adam, The Wizard Killer (ADZO, TD)
Dubeau, J.F., The Life Engineered (Sword & Laser, TD)
Ducornet, Rikki, Brightfellow (Coffeehouse, TD)
Duke, Renee, The Tangled Rose (Books We Love, TD)
Duncan, Dave, Eocene Station (5 Rivers, TD)
Dupont, Eric, Life in the Court of Matane (Baraka, TD)
Dwomik, J.R., Green Light to Paradise (Brain Lag, TD)
Egan, Catherine, Julia Vanishes (Doubleday Canada, HC)
Ellery, Stefan, A Burden of Death (Createspace, TD)
Emme, Lisa, Deadlocked (self, TD)
Enock, Neil, Mayan Atlantis Returns (iTinker, TD)
Enock, Neil, Doc Christmas (iTinkr, TD)
Erikson, Steve, Wrath of Betty (Tor, HC)
Erikson, Steve, Fall of Light (Tor / Bantam UK, HC)
Erikson, Steve, The Fiends of Nightmaria (PS, HC)
Esslemont, Ian C., Dancer's Lament (Tor / Bantam UK, HC)
Faw, Susan, Soul Survivor (self, TD)
Faw, Susan0, Seer of Souls (self, TD)
Fletcher, Michael R, The Mirror's Truth (self, TD)
Flewwelling, Pat, Helix: Plague of Ghouls (Tyche, TD)
Fotier, Jean-Michel, The Unknown Huntsman (Baraka, TD)
Frechette, Caroline, Making a Living (Renaissance, TD)
Forester, Victoria, The Boy Who Knew Everything (Square Fish, HC)
Foyle, Naomi, The Blood of the Hoopoe (Jo Fletcher / Hachette, TD)
Foyle, Naomi, Rook Song (Jo Fletcher / Hachette, TD)
Frankel, Jen, A Heaven of Fallen Angels (Createspace, TD)
Frey, J.M., The Forgotten Tale (Reuts, TD)
Friesen, Melinda, One Bright Future (Rebelight, TD)
George, Kallie, The Missing Magic (HarperCollins, HC)
Ghan, Ben Berman, WychmMan Road (Zharmaen, TD)
Glatt, Jane, The Unmage (Tyche, e)
Gordon, Cait, Life in the 'Cosm (Renaissance, TD)
Gougeon, Angele, Sticks and Stones (Edge, TD)
Greenwood, Ed, Death Masks (WoTC, HC)
Greenwood, Ed, Your World is Doomed (EGG, HC)
Guay-Poliquin, Christian, Running on Fumes (Talonbooks, TD)
Hamilton, Alwyn, Rebel of the Sands (Penguin, HC)
Hannan, Jack, The Poet is a Radio (Linda Leith, TD)
Harness, Kyp, Wigford Remembers (Nightwood, TD)
Hart, Christine, In Irina's Caards (Soul Mate, e)
Hart, Christine, The Compendium (Soul Mate, e)
Hart, Christine, Terra Nova (Soul Mate, e)
Hannan, Jack, The Poet is a Radio (Linda Leith, TD)
Helm, Michael, After James (McLelland & Stewart, HC)
Hooke, Isaac, Hoplite (self, PB)
Hooke, Isaac, Zeus (self, PB)
Hooke, Isaac, Cradle of War (self, PB)
Hooke, Isaac, Planet Killer (self, PB)
Hooke, Isaac, Test of Mettle (self, PB)
Hooke, Isaac, Flagship (self, PB)
Hooke, Isaac, Titan (self, PB)
Hooke, Isaac, The Last Stand (self, PB)
Hooke, Isaac, The Pendulum Swings (self, PB)
Hooke, Isaac, Walls of Steel (self, PB)
Hooke, Isaac, Rebirth (self, PB)
Hooke, Isaac, I Have Seen Forever (self, PB)
Hooke, Isaac, The Dream (self, PB)
Hooke, Isaac, They Have Wakened Death (self, PB)
Hooke, Isaac, A Second Chance (self, PB)
Hooke, Isaac, The Mirror Breaks (self, PB)
Hosking, Jay, Three Years With the Rat (Penguin/Viking, HC)
Howerton, Axel, Furr (Tyche, TD)
Hughes, Matthew, A Wizard's Henchman (PS, HC)
Hughes, Matthew, Epiphanies (PS, HC)
Humphrey, Claire, Spells of Blood and Kin (Thomas Dunne, HC)
Humphreys, C.C., The Hunt of the Dragon (Doubleday, HC)
Hunt, Stephen B., The Stealers War (Orion, TD)
Hunter, Sylvia Izzo, A Season of Spells (Berkley/NAL, TD)
Jackson, Deborah, The Furies' Bog (self, TD)
Jackson, Jessica L., Pemberly Haunted (Bru, TD)
Jackson, Jessica L., Come Dance With Me (Bru, TD)
Jackson, Jessica L., Watch Your Step (Bru, TD)
Jackson, Jessica L., An Angel For Julian (Bru, TD)
Jackson, Marni, Don't I Know You? (Flatiron / Raincoast, HC)
Jankiewicz, Agnes, Q-16 and the Eye to All Worlds (self, e)
Jantunen, John, A Desolate Splendor (ECW, TD)
Jennings, Holly, Arena (Ace, HC)
Jensen, Danielle, Warrior Witch (Angry Robot, PB)
Jobin, Matthew, The Skeleth (Penguin, HC)
Johansen, K V, Gods of Nabban (Pyr, TD)
Johnston, Aviaq, Those Who Run in The Sky (Inhabit, TD)
Johnston, E.K., Star Wars Ashoka (Disney Lucasfilm, HC)
Johnston, E.K., Spindle (DisneyHyperion, HC)
Kavanagh, J.C., The Twisted Climb (BWL, TD)
Kay, Guy Gavriel, Children of Earth and Sky (Penguin / Viking, HC)
Keeling, Ian Donald, The Skids (CZP, TD)
Kellough, Kaie, Accordeon (Arbeiter Ring, TD)
Kelly, Sofie, Paws and Effect (NAL, PB)
King, C.A., Finding Balance (Pharos, TD)
King, Wesley, Dragons vs Drones (Razorbill, HC)
Kol, Scarlett, Midwinter (Rebelight, TD)
Korman, Gordon, Masterminds: Criminal Destiny (HarperCollins, HC)
Korman, Gordon, The Dragonfly Effect (Scholastic, PB)
Kress, Adrienne + Frank Beddor, Ghost in the H.A.T.B.O.X.(Automatic, HC)
Krys, Michelle, Dead Girls Society (Random House, HC)
Labonte, Amanda, Call of the Sea (Firerce Ink, TD)
Laderoute, D. G., The Great Sky (5 Rivers, TD)
Langlais, Eve, Pirate (self, TD)
Langlais, Eve, Freak'n Out (self, TD)
Langlais, Eve, Hell's Bells (self, TD)
Langlais, Eve, Python's Embrace (self, TD)
Langlais, Eve, Sinner (self`, TD)
Langlais, Eve, Jealous and Freakn' (self, TD)
Langlais, Eve, Reader Abduction (self, TD)
Langlais, Eve, When a Lioness Snarls (self, TD)
Langlais, Eve, Wild (self, TD)
Langlais, Eve, Ostrich and the 'Roo (self, TD)
Langlais, Eve, A Tiger's Pride (self, TD)
Langlais, Eve, Gator's Challenge (self, TD)
Langlais, Eve, Betraying the Pack (self, TD)
Langlais, Eve, Seeking Pack Redemption (self, TD)
Langlais, Eve, Taming Her Wolf (self, TD)
Langlais, Eve, Vacation Hell (self, TD)
Langlais, Eve, Dating Cupid (self, TD)
Langlais, Eve, Growl (self, TD)
Langlais, Eve, His Teddy Bear (self, TD)
Langlais, Eve, Scared of Spiders (self, TD)
Lawrence, Rosalie, Scent From Above: The Mystical Memoirs of Patti Post (self, e)
LeDrew, Matthew, Exodus of Angels (Engen, TD)
Lefave, Kaz, Nemecene: The Epoch of Madness (Aguacene, TD)
Lewis, Jennifer Carole, Metamorphosis (Past the Mirror)
Liyndsey, Erin, The Bloodsworn (Berkley/NAL, TD)
Luiken, Nicole, Amid Wind and Stone (Entangled, TD)
Luiken, Nicole, Golden Eyes (Createspace, TD)
MacGregor, Susan, The Tattoed Queen (5 Rivers, TD)
MacLachlan, J.A., The Salarian Desert Game (Edge, TD)
Maddex, Elaine Gugin, Wise Woman's Manor (Artistic Warrior, TD)
Mann, Emily Lee, Second Twin (Blue Moon, TD)
Marks, Arlene F., The Genius Asylum (Edge, TD)
Marshall, Clare C., Hunger in Her Bones (Faery Ink, TD)
Marston, Ann, A Still and Bitter Grave (5 Rivers, TD)
Masson, Cynthea, The Alchemists' Council (ECW, TD)
Matas, Carol, Who Am I? (Fictive, TD)
Mather, Matthew, Sanctuary (self, TD)
May, Evan, Bonhomme Sept-Heures (Renaissance, TD)
Mayer, Shannon, Venom and Vanilla (47 North, TD)
Mayer, Shannon, Pamela (Createspace, TD)
Mayer, Shannon, Windburn (Createspace, TD)
Mayer, Shannon, Rylee (Createspace, TD)
Mayer, Shannon, Liam (Createspace, TD)
Mayer, Shannon, Ash (Createspace, TD)
Mayer, Shannon, Rootbound (Createspace, TD)
Mayer, Shannon, Sundered (Createspace, TD)
Mayer, Shannon & D.G. Swank, Replica (Createspace, TD)
Mayer, Shannon, Bound (Createspace, TD)
Mayer, Shannon, Priceless (Talos, PB)
Mayer, Shannon, Immune (Talos, TD)
Mayr, Matthew, Bad City (Edge, TD)
McCague, Claire, The Rosetta Man (Edge, TD)
McCLelland, William & Jeff Rovin, The Minted (Blue Leaf Press, TD)
McKinley, Ian, Harbinger (self, TD)
McIsaac, Jodi, A Cure For Madness (Thomas Mercer, TD)
McIsaac, Jodi, Bury the Living (47N, TD)
McIsaac, Meaghan, Movers (Tundra, HC)
McIsaac, Meaghan, The Boys of Fire and Ash (Tundra, HC)
McKay, Ami, The Witches of New York (Knopf Canada, HC)
McLachlan, J.A., The Salarian Desert Game (Edge, TD)
McLay, R.K., The Dream (Fifth House, )
Meikle, Willie, Fungoid (Darkfuse, HC)
Melanson, Trevor, Terminal City (Edge, TD)
Metcalf, Zack, Bring Clouds to the Kingdom (Iguana, TD)
Minty, Joe, Purge of Ashes (self, TD)
Mlynowsski, Sarah, Genie In a Bottle (Scholastic, HC)
Mlynowski, Sarah, Sugar and Spice (Scholastic, HC)
Mlynowski, Sarah, Think Twice (Createspace, TD)
Mlynowski, Sarah & L. Myracle & E. Jenkins, Showing Off (Scholastic, TD)
Moershel, R. J., The Mender (self, TD)
Moreno-Garcia, Silvia, Certain Dark Things (St. Martin's / Thomas |Dunne, HC)
Moreno-Garcia, Silvia, Young Blood (Innsmouth, TD)
Narrol, D. L., Arctic Quest (Createspace, TD)
Nason, Riel, All the Things We Leave Behind ( Goose Lane, TD)
Nayman, Ira, It's Just the Chronosphere Unfolding as it Should (Elsewhen, TD)
Neuvel, Sylvain, Sleeping Giants (Del Rey, HC)
Nichols, Brent, Stars Like Cold Fire (Bundoran, TD)
Niedzviecki, Hal, The Archeologists (Arbeiter Ring, TD)
O'Donnell, Liam, The Case of the Battling Bots (Orca, TD)
O'Hearn, Kate, Valkyrie: War of the Realms (Hachette, TD)
O'Hearn, Kate, The End of Oympus (Aladdin, HC)
Onia, Al, Transient City (Bundoran, TD)
O'Keefe, Charles, The Gathering Dark (Four Phoenixes, TD)
Oppel, Kenneth, Every Hidden Thing (HarperCollins, HC)
Paulson, Siri & Kit Cambell, City of Hope and Ruin (Tutleduck, TD)
Payne, Mary Jennifer, Finding Jade (Dundurn, TD)
Peacock, Shane, The Dark Missions of Edgar Brim (Tundra, TD)
Pearl, Stephen P., Tinker's Plague (Brain Lag, TD)
Pearl, Stephen B., Tinker's Sea (Brain Lag, TD)
Perly, Susan, Death Valley (Wolsak & Wynn, TD)
Pevato, P.M., Firefly (Sandhurst, TD)
Poulsen, David A., And Then The Sky Exploded (Dundurn, TD)
Priest, Robert, Spell Crossed (Dundurn, TD)
Radecki, Barbara, The Darkhouse (Dancing Cat / Cormorant, TD)
Rahn, Jennifer, The Cyanide Process (Bundoran, TD)
Raughley, Sarah, Fate of Flames (Simon Pulse, HC)
Reeves-Stevens, Judith & Garfield, Wraith (Thomas Dunne, HC)
Reid, Iain, I'm Thinking of Ending Things (Simon & Schuster, HC)
Renshaw, G.W., The Kalevala Affair (Javari, TD)
Reynard, Sylvain, The Shadow (Berkley / NAL, TD)
Reynolds, C.F., The Ethereans: Dark Genesis (PowerLight, e)
Reynolds, Timothy, Waking Anastasia (Tyche, TD)
Rhodes, Morgan, The Darkest Magic (Penguin, HC)
Rhodes, Morgan, Crystal Storm (Penguin, HC)
Riche, Edward, Today I Learned It Was You (Anansi, TD)
Roberts, Jeyn, Fury Rising (Knopf, TD)
Roberts, Jeyn, When They Fade (Knopf, HC)
Rolli, Kabungo (Groundwood, HC)
Rollo, Gordon, Peeler (Createspace, TD)
Roman, Peter, The Apocalypse Ark (CZP, TD)
Rose, Simon, Future Imperfect (Tyche, TD)
Russell, Craig, Fragment (Thistledown, TD)
Ryan, Sofie, A Whisker of Trouble (NAL, PB)
Saboviec, S.L., Reaping Angel (self, TD)
Saboviec, S.L., The Impending Possession of Scarlet Wakebridge-Rose (Seven Twenty-one, TD)
Sagara, Michelle, Cast in Flight (Harlequin, TD)
Sands, Kevin, Mark of the Plague (Simon & Schuster, HC)
Sands, Lynsay, Runaway Vampire (Avon, HC)
Sands, Lynsay, Immortal Nights (Avon, HC)
Sasaki, S. E., Bud By the Grace of God (Oddoc, TD)
Saso, Emily, The Weather Inside (Freehand, TD)
Sawyer, Robert J., Quantum Night (Viking / Penguin, HC)
Schnarr, J.W., Living Dead: A Post-Apocalyptic Thriller (Severed, TD)
Scrimger, Richard, Lucky Jonah (HarperTrophy, TD)
Scrimger, Richard, Downside Up (Tundra, HC)
Semel, Nava, Immortal Nights (Mandel Villar, TD)
Shatner, William & Jeff Rovin, Zero G (Simon & Schuster, HC)
Sheffield, Killarney, The Emperor's Concubine ( BWL, TD)
Silver, Eve, Frozen (self, PB)
Slade, Arthur, Flickers (HarperCollins, HC)
Slade, Arthur, Amberfang (self, TD)
Smith, Caighlan, Children of Icarus (Switch, HC)
Smith, Graeme, The Shadow Dance (BWL, TD)
Sobol, John, Friend or Foe (Groundwood, TD)
Sparkes, Kate, Sworn (Sparrowcat, TD)
Sparkes, Kate, Into Elurien (Sparrowcat, TD)
Sparling, Ken, This Poem is a House (Coach House, TD)
Spires, Ashley, Fluffy Strikes Back (Kids Can, HC)
Sprague, K.B., SPARX Incarnation (GaleWind, TD)
Staalduinen, Brent van, Saints, Unexpected (Invisible, TD)
Stanton, Steve, Freenet (ECW, TD)
Stein, Dennis, The Gecko's Gate (Sands, TD)
Sterling, L. E., True Born (Entangled, HC)
Stewart, Glynn & Eric Michael, Summerer, Stellar Fox (Faolan's Pen, TD)
St. James, Simone, Lost Among the Living (NAL, TD)
Stirling, S.M., Prince of Outcasts (Penguin / Random House, HC)
Story, Kate, The Insubstantial Pageant (CZP, TD)
Stueart, Jerome, One Nation Under Gods ( CZP, TD)
Sullivan, Andrew, Waste (Dzanc, TD)
Sun, Amanda, Heir to the Sky (Harlequin, HC)
Sutton, Malcolm, Job Shadowing (Bookthug, TD)
Sylvester, Kevin, MiNRS2 (Simon & Schuster, HC)
Szpirglas, Jeff, Sheldon Unger vs. The Dentures of Doom (Star Crossed, TD)
Tam, Kenneth, Scar Tissue (Iceberg, TD)
Tardif, Cherryl Kaye, Infestation (Imajin, TD)
Tassie, Lea, Charger the Soldier (Createspace, TD)
Tassie, Lea, Charger the God (Createspace, TD)
Tassie, Lea, Charger the Weapon (Createspace, TD)
Tassie, Lea, Red Blood Falling (Createspace, TD)
Tassie, Lea, Shockwave (Createspace, TD)
Thompson, Kim, Darkling Green (Dundurn, TD)
Tennant, Jamie, The Captain of Kinnoull Hill (Palimpsest, TD)
Toogood, Deborah, Chasing the Phantom Ship (Nimbus, TD)
Travers, Kevin, Destiny One (Createspace, TD)
Turner, Marc, Dragon Hunters (Tor/Forge, HC)
Turner, Marc, Red Tide (Tor, HC)
Tushingham, Mark, Defenceless (Fairy Cross, TD)
Vadori, Susan, The Fountain (Evil Alter Ego, TD)
Valdron, D.G., The Mermaid's Tale (5 Rivers, TD)
Vassanji, M.G., Nostalgia (Doubleday Canada, HC)
Verigin, Lawrence, Seed of Control (Promontory Press, TD)
Vernon, Steve, Kelpie Dreams (Createspace, TD)
Vyleta, Daniel, Smoke (HarperCollins, HC)
Walsh, Christopher, As Fierce as Steel (Gold & Steel, HC)
Walsh, Krista, Bladelore (Createspace, TD)
Walsh, Krista, Death at Peony House (self, TD)
Walters, Eric, The Will To Survive (Razorbill, HC)
Walton, Jodi, Necessity (Tor, HC)
Wareness, Noah, Meathead, or How to Diy Without Getting Killed (CZP, TD)
Webster, Danielle, Summer of Then and Now (Firece Ink, TD)
Westoll, Andrew, The Jungle South of the Mountain (HarperCollins, TD)
White, Nicola R. & Nancy Cassidy, Dark Fury (Strange Roads, TD)
White, Nicola R. & Nancy Cassidy, Fury Scorned (Strange Roads, TD)
Willett, Ed, Lake in the Clouds (Coteau, TD)
Willett, Ed, Flickers (HarperCollins, HC)
Willett, Ed, Door Into Faerie (Coteau, TD)
Willett, Ed, Flames of Nevyana (Rebelight, TD)
Wilson, Dee, A Keeper's Truth (Driven, HC)
Wilson, Robert Charles, Last Year (Tor, HC)
Wong, SG, The Devil Take the Hindmost (Epiphany, TD)
Young, Jared, Into The Current (Goose Laane, TD)
Young, Moira, The Road to Ever After (Doubleday, HC)
Zentner, Jeff, The Serpent King (Tundra HC)


Armstrong, Kelley, Otherworld Chills (Random House, HC)
Bassingthwaite, Don, Derby Cavendish Stories (CZP, TD)
Burgoine, Nathan, Triad Blood (Bold Strokes, TD)
Carriere, S.M., The Dying God and Other Stories (self, TD)
Dowding, Philippa, Carter and the Curious Maze (Dundurn, TD)
Gavin, Richard, Sylvan Dread (Three Hands Press, HC)
Goldbach, John & K.J. Anderson, It is an Honest Ghost (Coach House, TD)
Goulden, Alban As If (Anvil, TD)
Healy, Michael, A Little Bit of Everything (, TD)
Kasman, Shari, Everything Life Has to Offer (Invisible, TD)
Laforet, Christian & Ben van Dongen, No Light Tomorrow (Adventure Worlds, TD)
Laporte, Mat, Rats Nest (Bookthug, TD)
Leroux, Catherine, The Part Wall (Biblioasis, TD)
McCath, C.S., The Longest Road in the Universe (Triskele, TD)
McCrosky, Judy, Lifting Weights (Thistledown, TD)
Nayman, Ira, Random Dingoes (Elsewhen, TD)
Rogers, Ian, Sylvan Dread (Three Hands Press, HC)
Rooke, Leon, Fabulous Fictions and Peculiar Practices (Porcupine's Quill, TD)
Rooke, Leon Swinging Dixie (Biblioasis, TD)
Stueart, Jerome, The Angels of Our Better Beasts (CZP TD)
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