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2019 Novels and Collections

This is a list of books of literature of the fantastic written by Canadians. Only those which are novels or novel-length collections are eligible for the Sunburst Award.

Note: HC=Hardcover; TD=Trade Cover; PB=Paperback; E=Ebook

Copyright 2019; All Rights Reserved


Acco, Kim, The Alchemist's Portal (self, TD)
Adderson, Caroline, The Mostly True Story of Pudding Tat (Groundwood, HC)
Adina, Shelley, Holly Cottage (Moonshell, TD)
Adina, Shelley, The Matchmaker Wore Mars Yellow (Moonshell, PB)
Alexis, Andre, Days by Moonlight (Coach House, TD)
Anderson, Brad C., Duatero (Bundoran, TD)
Anderson, David A., The Citadel (BWL, TD)
Annandale, David A. & J. Reynolds, Rulers of the Dead (Games Workshop, TD)
Annandale, David A., The House of Night and Chain (Games Workshop, TD)
Arend, Vivian, The Bear's Fated Mate (self, TD)
Arend, Vivian, The Bear's Chosen Mate (self, TD)
Arenson, Daniel, Utopia 58 (self, TD)
Arenson, Daniel, Earth Unleashed (self, TD)
Arenson, Daniel, Earth Aflame (self, TD)
Arenson, Daniel, Earth Machines (self, TD)
Arenson, Daniel, Earthlings (self, TD)
Arenson, Daniel, The Earthling (self, TD)
Armstrong, Kelley, A Royal Guide To Monster Slaying (Puffin, HC)
Armstrong, Kelley, Cruel Fate (Subterranean, HC)
Armstrong, Kelley, Wolf's Bane (K.L.A. Fricke, TD)
Arthurson, Wayne, The Red Chesterfield (Univ of Calgary Press, TD)
Ashwood, Sharon, Frostbound: The Dark Forgotten (Rowan & Ash, TD)
Ashley, Charlotte, A.L. Hudson, & K. Hunt, Archipelago (self, TD)
Atkinson, Dave, The Wereduck Code (Nimbus, PB)
Atlas, K.E., Peculiar Galaxies (self, TD)
Atwood, Margaret, Testament (McClelland & Stewart, HC)
Awad, Mona, Bunny Misfit (Hamish Hamilton, HC)
Azad, Nafiza, The Candle and the Flame (Scholastic, HC)

Bailey, Linda, On The Run In Ancient China (Kids Can, HC)
Bailey, Linda, Game On In Ancient Greece (Kids Can, HC)
Baillie, David A., Little Bones (CZP, HC/TD)
Bain, Douglas, The Woeful Wager (self, TD)
Baines, Christian, Sins of the Son (self, TD)
Baker, Brad C., Wanda's Dirge (self, PB)
Ball, Krista, Spirit Caller Books 4-6 (self, TD)
Ball, Krista, Fugitive (self, TD)
Ball, Krista, The Nightmare We Know (self, TD)
Ball, Krista, A Magical Inheritance (self, TD)
Bar-el, Dan, The Very, Very Far North (Atheneum, HC)
Beckett, L.X., Gamechanger (Tor, HC)
Beiko, S.M., The Brilliant Dark (ECW, TD)
Bell, E.C., Haunting the Haunted (Tyche, TD)
Bergeron, Alain, Billy Stuart in the Minotaur's Lair (Orca, TD)
Bergeron, Alain, Billy Stuart and the Sea of a Thousand Dangers (Orca, TD)
Berube, Alain, Here There are Monsters (Sourcebooks, )
Berube, Amelinda, The Dark Beneath The Ice (Sourcebooks, TD)
Binkley, Alex, The Circle of the Chosen (self, TD)
Blackmore, Julia, Return to Me A Broken Crown (self, TD)
Blackmore, Julia, The Preculiar Brass Suit (self, TD)
Blair, Kate, The Magpie's Library (DCB, TD)
Blais, Francois, Document 1 (Book*Hug, TD)
Blake, Elly, Nightblood (Little Brown, HC)
Blue, Becca, The Guardians of Your Heart (self, TD)
Boorman, Kate A., What We Buried (Henry Holt & Co., HC)
Bordeleau, Virginia, Blue Bear Woman (Inanna, TD)
Bow, James, The Night Girl (Reuts, TD)
Brenna, Beverly, Sapphire the Great and the Meaning of Life (Pajama Press, HC)
Bruce, Alison E., Ghost Writer (Deadly Press, TD)
Bryant, Daniel, ReRouted (Porcupine's Quill, TD)
Buja, J. Edwin, King of the Wood (Haverhill House, HC)
Burke, Jennifer, The Dragon CEO's Assistant (Dreamspinner, TD)
Byron, M., The Struggle For Fenland: Quietly We Fall (Friesen, HC)

Cameron, Kat, The Eater of Dreams (Thistledown, TD)
Cameron, Miles, Dark Forge (Orion / Gollancz, TD)
Cameron, Miles, Bright Steel (Orion / Gollancz, TD)
Carroll, Emily, When I Arrived at The Castle (Koyama, TD)
Carson, Louise, Measured (broken rules press, TD)
Cassidy, Sarah, Nevers (Orca, TD)
Chan, Marty, Metamorphosis (FHW, TD)
Chapman, Elsie, Caster (Scholastic, HC)
Charish, Kristi, Lipstick Voodoo (Random House, TD)
Chase, Eva, The Temptation of Four (Ink Spark, TD)
Chase, Eva, A Study in Seduction (Ink Spark, TD)
Chase, Eva, Royals of Villain Academy (Ink Spark, TD)
Chase, Eva, Wrathful Wonderland (Ink Spark, TD)
Chase, Eva, The Hounds of Devotion (Ink Spark, TD)
Chase, Eva, Wanton Wonderland (Ink Spark, TD)
Chase, Eva, Vile Sorcery (Ink Spark, TD)
Chase, Eva, Sinister Villainy (Ink Spark, TD)
Chase, Eva, Horrid Charms (Ink Spark, TD)
Chase, Eva, Corrupt Alchemy (Ink Spark, TD)
Chase, Eva, The Valley of Flames (Ink Spark, TD)
Chase, Eva, Kill or Be Killed (Inanna, TD)
Chen, Elaine, Summerwood/Winterwood (CZP, HC)
Christie, Michael, Greenwood (McClelland & Stewart, HC)
Ciccarelli, Kristen, The Sky Weaver (Harper Teen, HC)
Cinnamon, Bruce, The Melting Queen (NeWest, TD)
Clark, Michael J., Mahoney's Camaro (ECW, TD)
Clarke, Ruth, What Goes Around (Inanna, TD)
Clavelle, Karen, The Mother Goose Letters (At Bay, HC)
Clement, Brian F.H., Assimilation Protocol (self, TD)
Cohen, Marina, A Box of Bones (Roaring Book, HC)
Coles, Bennet R., Winds of Marque (HarperVoyager, TD)
Couelle-Sterling, Pepper, The Cloak of Golden Symbols (Oolichan, TD)
Courtois, Gregoire, The Laws of the Skies (Coach House, TD)
Cousins, B.G., Dark Before Light (self, TD)
Cowtan, Cheryl R., The Precious Quest (self, TD)
Cowtan, Cheryl R,., The Precious Quest II (self, TD)
Craig-Whytock, Suzanne, The Dome (Bookland Press, TD)
Crewe, Megan, Fearless Magic (Another World, HC)
Crewe, Megan, Magic Unmasked (Another World, TD)
Currie, Evan, Archangel One (47N, TD)
Czerneda, Julie E., The Gossamer Mage (Daw, HC)

Dale, Theresa, Rose's Ghost (Paper Doll, TD)
Dale, Theresa, Heather's Grave (Paper Doll, TD)
Daven, Kit, The Starry Rise (Eager Eye, TD)
Deas, Mike & Nancy, Shadow Island (Orca, PB)
de Castell, Sebastien, Crownbreaker (Hot Key / Orbit, HC)
de Castell, Sebastien, Queenslayer (Hot Key, HC)
De Montigny, Suzanne, The Revenge (self, TD)
De Montigny, Suzanne, The Deception (self, TD)
deNikolits, Lisa L., The Occult Persuasion & the Anarchist's Solution (Inanna, TD)
Desmarais, Eric, Everdome (Renaisance, TD)
DiLouie, Craig, Our War (Orbit, TD)
Dimaline, Cherie, Empire of the Wild (Penguin Random House, HC)
Dobbon, Jon, The Starving (Engen, TD)
Doctorow, Cory, Radicalized (Tor, HC)
Dobbin, Jon, The Starving (Engen, TD)
Dover, J.M., Return to Atlantis (Evil Alter Ego, TD)
Dowding, Philippa, Quinn and the Quiet, Quiet: Weird Stories Gone Wrong (Dundurn, PB)
Dube, Marcelle, Epidemic: An A'lle Chronicles Mystery (Falcon Ridge, TD)
Dubeau, J-F., Song of the Sandman (Inkshares, TD)
Dubeau, Marcelle, Epidemic (Falcon Ridge, TD)
Duncan, Dave, Pillar of Darkness (5 Rivers, TD)
Duncan, Dave, The Ethical Swordsman (5 Rivers, TD)
Duncan, Dave, Merlin Redux (Skyhorse / Nightshade, HC)
Dyer, Bernadette Gabbay, Santiago's Purple Skies at Morning Light (Random House, HC)
Dyment, S.K., Steel Animals (Inanna, TD)

Eaton, Chris, Symphony No. 3 (Book*Hug, TD)
Elberg, Nathan, Quantum Cannibals (Double Dragon, TD)
El-Mohtar, Amahl & Max Gladstone, This is How You Lose the Time War (Simon & Schuster / McElderry, HC)
Elliott, Jessi, Twisted Desire (self, TD)
Elliott, Zetta, The Dragon Thief (Random House, HC)
Erikson, Steven, The God is Not Willing (Tor, HC)
Esslemont, Ian C., Kellanved's Reach (Tor ||| Transworld / Bantam UK, HC)
Eve-Barnett, Mandy, Ryrthon Legacy (Dream Write, TD)
Eve-Barnett, Mandy, Ockleberries to the Rescue (Dream Write, TD)
Everett, Sarah, No One Here is Lonely (Knopf Books for Young Readers, HC)

Fallis, Terry, Albatross (Mclelland & Stewart, TD)
Fawcett, Heather, Ember and the Ice Dragons (Balzer & Bray, HC)
Fawcett, Susan Darlene, Heart of Bastion (self, TD)
Feutl, Rita, Rescue in the Rockies (Coteau, TD)
Fitzsimmons, Catherine, A Jewel on Sapphire (Brain Lag, PB)
Flewelling, Pat, Helix: Sedition (Tyche, TD)
Florica, Niki, The Heir of Ariad (Elm Hill, HC)
Fodi, Lee Edward, The Secret of Zoone (HarperCollins, HC)
Ford, Jackson, The Girl Who Could Move Sh*t With Her Mind (Orbit, TD)
Forest, Susan, Bursts of Fire (Laksa, HC)
Fournier, Caitlyn, Spliced Mutants (self, PB)
Frey, J.M., The Skylark's Sacrifice (Reuts, TD)
Frost, Tanith, Salvation (Sparrowcat, TD)
Frost, Tanith, Revelation (Sparrowcat, TD)

Galchen, Rivka, Rat Rule 79 (Yonder, HC)
Galway, Caitlin, Bonavere Howl (Guernica, TD)
Gaudin, Gareth, The Monster Sisters and the Mystery of the Unlocked Cave (Orca, PB)
Generous, Eddie, Great Big Teeth: A Dinosaur Thriller (Severed Press, TD)
Generous, Eddie, Trouble at Camp Still Waters (Severed Press, TD)
George, Kallie, Wings of Olympus (HarperCollins, HC)
Ghan, Ben Berrman, What We See in the Smoke (Crowsnest, TD)
Giesbrecht, Jennifer, The Monster of Elendhaven (, HC)
Gilchrist, Claire, Street Shadows (Dundurn, TD)
Gillies, Tyner, Shadowboxing (Dark Dragon, TD)
Gilligan, Paul, King of the Mole People (Henry Holt & Co., HC)
Gillingham, Joshua, The Gatewatch (Crowsnest, TD)
Giron, Sephera, Taurus: A Hearse of a Different Color (Desire, TD)
Glatt, Jane, Traits & Traitors (Tyche, TD)
Goodhand, Seyward, Even That Wildest Hope (Invisible, TD)
Gordon, Caitlin, The Stealth Lovers (Renaissance, TD)
Graham-King, Stephen, A Congress of Ships (Renaissance, TD)
Grayson, Great Western, Banderos, The Last War (Great Western, TD)
Griffith, Ryan, Fortune of Wolves (Playrights Press, TD)
Guay-Poliquin, Christian, The Weight of Snow (Talon, TD)

Haas, John R., The Wayward Spider (Renaissance, TD)
Haines, Rayanne, Air Born (Soul Mate, TD)
Hale, Amanda, Mad Hatter (Guernica, TD)
Hale, Jeffery, Mr. Sticks (Sands, TD)
Hamilton, Alwyn, Hero at the Fall (Viking Children's Books / Penguin, HC)
Handler, Willie, Loved Mars Hated the Food (Kyanite, TD)
Handman, Misha, Shadow Stitcher (Edge, TD)
Hardy, Melissa, The Oracle of Cumae (Second Story, TD)
Hathaway, Joanna, Dark of the West (Tor / Forge, HC)
Hawkins, Kay, A Home Among the Stars (Polilaudanum, TD)
Hayward, Brent, Broken Sun, Broken Moon (CZP, HC)
Hearne, Kevin & Delilah Dawson, No Country for Old Gnomes (Del Rey, HC)
Heartfield, Kate, Alice Payne Rides (, TD)
Hetherington, Victoria, Mooncalves (Now or Never, TD)
Hirst, Elizabeth, The Face in the Marsh (Renaissance, TD)
Hoffman, Ada, The Outside (Angry Robot, TD)
House, Alice, The Fifth Queen (Engen, TD)
House, Alice, The Six Elemental (Engen, TD)
Huff, Tanya, The Complete Smoke Trilogy (Daw, TD)
Hughes, Matt, A God in Chains (Edge, TD)
Hughes, Matt, Forays of a Fat Man (PS Publishing, TD)
Hughes, Matt, What the Wind Brings (Pulp Literature, HC)
Humphrey, Anna, Mega Bat and Fancy Cat (Tundra, HC)
Humphreys, C.C., Smoke in the Glass (Orion / Gollancz, TD)
Hunder, Logan J., Astro-Nuts (Nightshade, TD)

Ibson, Jamie & Jason Cordova, Gunboat Diplomacy (Seventh Seal, TD)

Jacob, Francoise, Fallen Dreams (Tellwell, HC)
Jackson, Melanie, The Tick Tock Terror (Orca, TD)
James, Paul, No More Empires (self, TD)
Jankiewicz, A. A., Q-16 and the Fury of Korangar (self, TD)
Jankiewicz, A.A., Q-16 and the Land of the Unfinished Tower (self, TD)
Jensen, Danielle L., Dark Shores (Tor, HC)
Jensen, Danielle L., The Bridge Kingdom (Context Lit. Agency, HC)
Johansen, K.V., The Last Road (Pyre, TD)
Johnston, Aviaq, Those Who Dwell Below (Inhabit, TD)
Johnston, E.K., The Afterward (Dutton, HC)
Johnston, E.K., SW: Queen's Shadow (Disney / Lucasfilm, HC)
Johnston, Timothy S., The Savage Deeps (CZP, HC)
Jones, Scott R., Shout Kill Revel Repeat (Trepidato, TD)
Joudrey, M.C., Fanonymous (At Bay, HC)

Kalen, Kat (Cathryn Fox), Pride Unleashed (self, TD)
Kalen, Kat (Cathryn Fox), Pride's Pursuit (self, TD)
Kalla, Danielle L., We All Fall Down (Simon & Schuster, TD)
Kamakana, Michael, Advent (Larque, TD)
Kaufman, Andrew, The Ticking Heart (Coach House, TD)
Kavanagh, J.C., Darkness Descends (BWL, TD)
Kay, Guy Gavriel, A Brightness Long Ago (Penguin Random House, HC)
Keating, Jess, Nikki Tesla & The Ferret Proof Death Ray (Scholastic, TD)
Kelly, David M., Transformation Protocol (Nemesis, TD)
Kelly, Elizabeth, Rule (self, TD)
Kelly, Elizabeth, Rosalie Undone (self, TD)
Kelly, Kate, A Harsh and Private Beauty (Inanna, TD)
Khan, Ausma Zehanat, The Blue Eye (HarperVoyager, HC)
Kilpatrick, Nancy, Savagery of the Rebel king (Macabre, TD)
Kilpatrick, Nancy, Wild Hunt (Baskerville, TD)
King, Emily R., Before the Broken Star (Skyscape, HC)
King, Emily R., Into the Hourglass (Skyscape, HC)
King, Emily R., Everafter Song (Skyscape, HC)
King, Stephen Graham, A Congress of Ships (Renaissance, TD)
King, Wesley, The Wizenard Series: Training Camp (Granity Studios, HC)
Kirchmeier, Kurt, The Absence of Sparrows (Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, HC)
Kirk, Richard, Magpie's Ladder (PS Publishing, TD)
Klug, C.A., The Sterling Cone (Emmie, TD)
Knight, Gwen, Immortal (self, TD)
Knight, Gwen, Written in the Stars (self, TD)
Korman, Gordon, Level 13: a Slacker Novel (Scholastic, HC)
Kress, Adriene, Bendy & the Ink Machine: Dreams Come to Life (Scholastic, TD)
Kress, Adrienne, The Explorers: The Quest for Kid (Delacorte, HC)
Kuipers, Alice, Polly Diamond & The Super Stunning Spectacular School Fair (Chronicle, HC)
Kunsken, Derek, The Quantum Garden (Solaris, TD)
Kwa, Lydia, The Walking Boy (Arsenal Pulp, TD)

Labonte, Amanda, Procedural Anomaly (Engen, TD)
Larson, Richard, Cypher (Orbit, TD)
Langlais, Eve, Kiss of Light (self, TF)
Langlais, Eve, The Lionman Kidnapping (self, TD)
Langlais, Eve, Guarding The Mermaid (self, TD)
Langlais, Eve, A Nurse for the Wolfman (self, TD)
Langlais, Eve, Bunny Misfit (self, TD)
Langlais, Eve, Awake in Shadows (self, TD)
Langlais, Eve, Steampunk Cyborg (self, TD)
Langlais, Eve, Even Crazier (self, TD)
Langlais, Eve, Furry United Coalition #2 (self, TD)
Langlais, Eve, Dragon Point: Collection #1 (self, TD)
Langlais, Eve, Dragon Point: Collection #2 (self, TD)
Langlais, Eve, Capturing a Unicorn (self, TD)
Langlais, Eve, A Chimera's Revenge (self, TD)
Langlais, Eve, As the Cog Turns (self, TD)
Langlais, Eve, Alien Mate Collection (self, TD)
Langlais, Eve, The Gypsy Moth: Omnibus (self, TD)
Langlais, Eve, Have Lizard Will Travel (self, TD)
Langlais, Eve, Thanks Fur Last Night (self, TD)
Langlais, Eve, The Misfits (self, TD)
Langlais, Eve, When a Lioness Hunts (self, TD)
Langlais, Eve, Capturing a Unicorn (self, TD)
Langlais, Eve, Spinning Wheels (self, TD)
Langlais, Eve, First Gear (self, TD)
Lansens, Lori, This Little Light (Random House Canada, TD)
Larson, Richard, Cypher (Orbit, TD)
Lawless, J.R.H., Always Greener (Uproar Books, TD)
Laycraft, Adria, Jumpship Hope (Tyche, TD)
Leavitt, Sarah, Agnes, Murderess (Freehand, TD)
Le Dain, Mark, Dreamtime (Hades, TD)
LeDrew, Matthew, Coral Beach Case Files: Black Womb #1 (Engen, TD)
LeDrew, Matthew, Black Womb (Engen, TD)
LeDrew, Matthew, Transformations in Pain (Engen, TD)
LeDrew, Matthew, Smoke and Mirrors (Engen, TD)
LeDrew, Matthew, Roulette (Engen, TD)
LeDrew, Matthew, Ignorance is Bliss (Engen, TD)
LeDrew, Matthew, Becoming (Engen, TD)
LeDrew, Matthew, Inner Child (Engen, TD)
LeDrew, Matthew, Gang War (Engen, TD)
LeDrew, Matthew, Chains (Engen, TD)
Lee, Fonda, Jade War (Orbit US, HC)
Lee, Guenevere, Pekari The Azure Fish (Morgan James, TD)
Lefave, Kaz, Nemecene: Dreams Flow in Streams (Aquacene, TD)
Leigh, Mara, Bound by Her Blood (Half Dome, TD)
Leitao, Day, Kissing Magic (Sparkly Wave, TD)
Lewis, Jennifer Carole, Spirit Sight (Past the Mirror, TD)
Libling, Michael, Hollywood North (CZP, TD)
Lindsey, Erin, A Golden Grave: A Rose Gallagher Mystery (Minotaur, TD)
Little, John R., The Murder of Jesus Christ (Bad Moon Books, HC)
Livingston, Lesley, The Triumphant (Razorbill, HC)
Livingston, Lesley, The Almost Epic Squad: Super Sketchy (Scholastic, HC)
Lix, Caryn, Containment (Simon Pulse, HC)
Lozon, Patrick M.J., A Bellicose Dance (self, TD)
Lozon, Patrick M.J., Of Days Gone Buy (self, TD)
Luiken, Nicole, Feral (Great Plains, TD)
Lyons, Michael J., Murder at the World's Fair (Renaissance, TD)
Lyttle, Alex, The Rise of Winter (Central Avenue, TD)

Ma, Coco, Shadow Frost (Blackstone, HC)
MacGregor, Roy, The Ice Chips and the Invisible Puck (HarperCollins, HC)
MacKinnon, Joseph Travers, The Gunpowder Coast (Guy Faux, TD)
Magyarody, Katherine, The Changeling of Fenlen Forest (Great Plains / Yellow Dog, TD)
Majzels, Robert, Kharlamov's Ankle: A Utopian Fantasy (The Elephants, TD)
Marks, Arlene F., The Cockroach Crusade (Hades, TD)
Marlo, J.S., Misguided Honor (self, TD)
Marshall, Clare, Gear and Sea (Chasing Artwork, TD)
Marshall, Clare C., Darkness in Her Reach (Faery Ink, TD)
Marshall, Helen, The Migration (Random House / Titan, TD)
Martin, Cara, Shantallow (DCB, TD)
Marting, Jessica, Spindle's End (Shadow Press, TD)
Marting, Jessica, Dead Ringer (Shadow Press, TD)
Marting, Jessica, Trade Secrets (Shadow Press, TD)
Marting, Jessica, Neon Vice (Shadow Press, TD)
Mather, Matthew, Polar Vortex (self, TD)
Mather, Matthew, The Dreaming Tree (Blackstone, HC)
Mather, Matthew, Resistance (self, TD)
Mather, Matthew, Destiny (self, TD)
Matthews, Markus, A Bounty With Strings (self, HC)
Matthews, Markus, A Bounty of Evil (self, HC)
Matthews, Markus, A Personal Bounty (self, HC)
Mayer, Shannon, Wyvern's Lair (self, TD)
Mayer, Shannon, Elemental Witch (HiJinks Ink, TD)
Mayer, Shannon, Maze Witch (self, TD)
Maynard, Luke R., The Season of the Plough (Cyneheim, TD)
McAdam, Tash, This is The Circle (NineStar, TD)
McAdam, Tash, They Are The Tide (NineStar, TD)
McAdam, Tash, We are The Catalyst (NineStar, TD)
McBride, Karen, Crow Winter (HarperAvenue, TD)
McFadden, Ryan T., The Venusian Job (Bundoran, TD)
McConvey, J.R.H., Different Beasts (Goose Lane, TD)
McCulloch, Amy, Jinxed (Simon & Schuster, TD)
McDougall, Kim, Hidden Coven Books 1 – 5 (Wrongtree, TD)
McFadden, Ryan, The Venusian Job (Bundoran, TD)
McGrath, V.S., The Legend of Diablo (Brain Mill, TD)
McNutt, Rebecca, Vaporwave Sixtyten (self, TD)
Mehrotra, Rati, Mahimata (HarperVoyager, TD)
Mehta, Anubha, Peacock in the Snow (Inanna, TD)
Meikle, Willie, Operation: Syria (Severed Press, TD)
Meikle, Willie, Operation: Norway (Severed Press, TD)
Meikle, William, The Auld Mither (Unnerving, no)
Meikle, William, Operation: Mongolia (Severed Press, TD)
Meikle, William, The Lost Valley (Severed Press, TD)
Meikle, Willie & Steven Savile, The Last Templar (self, TD)
Melanson, Claudette, Red Tide:Dangerous Waters (self, HC)
Michaels, Sean, The Wagers (Random House Canada, HC)
Mills, Alison, The Ghost Collector (Annick, TD)
Miller, Kevin & Delilah Dawson, Meth The Immortal (Millstone, TD)
Miller, Renee, Eat the Rich (self, TD)
Miller, Renee, Howl (Unnerving, TD)
Miller, Renee, The One You Feed (Unnerving, TD)
Misri, Angela, Pickles vs. The Zombies (DCB, TD)
Mlynowski, Sarah, Spill the Beans (Scholastic, HC)
Mlynowski, Sarah & KL. Myracle & E. Jenkins, Dragon Overnight (Scholastic, HC)
Mlynowski, Sarah & Kimmy Schmidt, The Legends of Gremulax (Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, HC)
el Mohtar, Amal & Max Gladstone, This Is How You Lose the Time War (Quercus, HC)
Moncrieff, J.H., Those Who Came Before (Flame Tree, HC)
Moncrieff, J.H., Forests of Ghosts (Library & Archives Canada, TD)
Moores, M.J., Final Year (Infinite Pathways, TD)
Moreno-Garcia, Silvia, Gods of Jade and Shadow (Del Rey, HC)
Moss, John R., Surviving the End of the World (World Castle, TD)
Mossman, Dawn, Auracle (self, PB)
Myers, B.R., Never Once (Swoon Reads, HC)

Nattel, Lilian, Girl at the Edge of Sky (Random House, TD)
Nantus, Sheryl, Warrior Nights (self, TD)
Nayman, Ira, E Deplorables Unum (Aardvarks Eye, TD)
Nayman, Ira, Good Intentions : First Pie in the Face (Elsewhen, TD)
Nayman, Ira, Angels of Our Bitter Nature (Aardvarks Eye, TD)
Negrijn, M., A Family Affair (A Good Idea Publications, TD)
Neuvel, Sylvain, The Test (, TD)
Nobel, Julia, The Mystery of Black Hollow Lane (Sourcebooks, HC)
Novakovich, Josip, Honey in the Harvest (Dzanc, TD)

O'Cinneide, C.S., Petra's Ghost (Dundurn, TD)
O'Donnell, Liam, Tank & Fizz: The Case of the Tentacle Terror (Orca, TD)
Onia, Al, The Sixth Helix (Bundoran, TD)
Oluriou, Susan, Blue Bear Woman (Inanna, TD)
Overwater, R., The Black City Beneath (The Seventh Terrace, TD)

Patrick, Lee F., Lonely Together (Javari, TD)
Pau Preto, Nicki, Crown of Feathers (Simon Pulse, HC)
Payne, Jennifer, Darkness: Daughters of Light (Dundurn, TD)
Peacock, Shane, Demon: The Dark Missions of Edgar Brim (Tundra, HC)
Peacock, Shane, Phantom of Fire (Nimbus, TD)
Pearson-Vasey, Gloria, The Bloodline Feather (Victoria Hall Press, TD)
Peloquin, Andy, Trial of Stone (self, TD)
Peloquin, Andy, Crucible of Fortune (self, TD)
Peloquin, Andy, Storm of Chaos (self, TD)
Peloquin, Andy, Secrets of Blood (self, TD)
Peloquin, Andy, Ascension of Death (self, TD)
Peloquin, Andy, The Renegade Apprentice (self, TD)
Peloquin, Andy, Child of the Night Guild (self, TD)
Peloquin, Andy, Thief of the Night Guild (self, TD)
Peloquin, Andy, Queen of the Night Guild (self, TD)
Peloquin, Andy, Shields in Shadow (self, TD)
Peloquin, Andy, Battle for Peace (self, TD)
Peloquin, Andy, Steel and Valor (self, TD)
Peloquin, Andy, Courage to Sacrifice (self, TD)
Perlmutter, David A., Nothing About Us Without Us (self, TD)
Perron, Kristene & & Joshua Simpson, Warp World: Forbidden Revelations (Jokri, TD)
Poitevin, Linda, Sins of the Warrior (Michem, TD)
Portigal, Trent, Death Train (Radiant, TD)
Powell, Kelly, Songs From the Deep (McElderry, HC)
Prendergast, G.S., Cold Falling White (Simon & Schuster, HC)
Pretty, Jennifer, Re-Vamping Los Vegas (self, TD)
Pretty, Jennifer, Wings of Lark (self, TD)
Pretty, Jennifer, Half-Demon Huntress (self, TD)
Pretty, Jennifer, Demon Huntress (self, TD)
Pretty, Jennifer, Mourning Lark (self, TD)
Pretty, Jennifer, Gargoyle Huntress (self, TD)
Pyne, Jennifer, The Banished World (BWL, TD)
Pyper, Andrew, The Homecoming (Simon & Schuster, HC)

Rahn, Jennifer, Dark Corridor (Bundoran, TD)
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