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2014 Novels & Collections

This is a list of books of literature of the fantastic written by Canadians. Only those which are novels or novel-length collections are eligible for the Sunburst Award.

Note: HC=Hardcover; TD=Trade Cover; PB=Paperback

Copyright 2014; All Rights Reserved

Abrahamson, Karen L.: Afterimage, Twisted Root (TD)
Abrahamson, Karen L.: The Crystal Courtesan, Twisted Root (TD)
Abrahamson, Karen L.: Emberstone, Twisted Root (TD)
Abrahamson, Karen L. : The Warden of Power, Twisted Root (TD)
Adams, Jocelyn: Midnight Dawn, CreateSpace (TD)
Adams, Jocelyn: Darkside Sun, Entangled (e)
Adderson, Caroline: A Simple Case of Angels, Groundwood (TD)
Alexis, Andre: Pastoral , Coach House (TD)
Allen, Bryce: The Spartak Trigger, Bedlam (TD)
Altenburg, Paula: The Demon's Daughter, Entangled (TD)
Altenburg, Paula: The Demon Creed , Entangled (TD)
Anderson-Dargatz, Gail: Search and Rescue, Orca (TD)
Anna, Vivi: Seducing the Hunter, Harlequin (PB)
Annandale,, David: The Damnation of Pythos, Games Workshop (TD)
Archer, Katrina: Untalented, Ganoche (TD)
Arenson, , Daniel: Requiem's Hope, CreateSpace (TD)
Arenson , Daniel: Reqiuem's Song, CreateSpace (TD)
Arenson, Daniel: Secrets of Moth, Moonclipse (TD)
Arenson, Daniel: Daughters of Moth, Moonclipse (TD)
Arenson , Daniel: Alien Hunters, CreateSpace (TD)
Armstrong, Kelley: Sea of Shadows, HarperCollins (HC)
Armstrong, Kelley: Visions , HarperCollins (HC)
Armstrong, Kelley: Odin's Ravens, Little Brown (HC)
Armstrong, Kelley: Bounty Hunt, Subterranean ( HC)
Armstrong, Kelley: Otherworld Nights , Penguin (HC)
Ashby, Madeline: Upgraded, Wyrm (PB)
Atkinson, Dave: Wereduck, Nimbus (TD)
Auxier, Jonathan: The Night Gardener, Puffin (HC)

Baillie, Martha: The Search for Heinrich Schlogel, Pedlar (TD)
Baity, Cameron & Zelkowicz, Benny: The Foundry's Edge, Hachette (TD)
Baker, Jaqueline: The Broken Hours, HarperCollins (HC)
Baker, Nancy: Cold Hillside , CZP (TD)
Bar-El, Daniel: Audrey (cow), Tundra (HC)
Bates, Jeremy: Suicide Forest, Ghillinein (e)
Bauder, Greg: Spilt Coffee, Solstice (TD)
Becker, Helaine: Gottika, Dancing Cat (TD)
Bell, E. C. (Elaine): Seeing the Light, Tyche (TD)
Benoit, M.D.: Sorcerer's Heir, Amber Quill (TD)
Bilodeau, Marie: Destiny's War, Dragon Moon (TD)
Blake, E.C.: Shadows, Daw (HC)
Bohnet, Susan: My Life as a Troll, 5 Rivers (TD)
Bolitho, Maggie: Lockdown, Great Plains (TD)
Boorman, Kate A.: Winterkill, Harry N. Abrams (HC)
Boudreau, Helene: Real Mermaids Don't Sell Sea Shells by the Seashore, Jabberwocky (TD)
Bouvier-Davis, Pauline: The Three Moons of Origin, CreateSpace (TD)
Bowman, Patrick: Arrow Through The Axes, Ronsdale (TD)
Brown, Christian A.: Feast of Fates, CreateSpace (TD)
Brouwer, Sigmund: Martyr's Fire, Random House (TD)
Busch, Frank Christopher: Grey Eyes, Fernwood (TD)

Cameron, Miles: The Fell Sword, Orbit (TD)
Cannon, Deborah: The Pirate Empress, CreateSpace (TD)
Cannon, Deborah: Raven Dawn, CreateSpace (PB)
Card, Melanie: Ward Against Darkness, Entangled (TD)
Carriere, S.M.: The Winter Wolf, self (TD)
Carroll Emily Through the Woods McElderry
Castelluci, Cecil: Tin Star, Roaring Brook (HC)
Chabot, Jason: Below, HarperTrophy (TD)
Challenger, Charlene: The Voices in Between, Tightrope (TD)
Chan, Marty: Infinity Coil, Fitzhenry & Whiteside (TD)
Chang, Janie: Three Souls , HarperCollins (TD)
Channing, Wynne: I am Forever, Jet & Jack (TD)
Chantler Scott Pirates of the Silver Coast KidsCan
Chapman, Elsie: Dualed, Random House (HC)
Corneil, Sheila: Butterflies Among Us, Crystal Dreams (TD)
Cotter, Charis: The Swallow, Tundra (HC)
Crewe , Megan: The Worlds We Make, Hyperion (HC)
Crewe, Megan: Earth and Sky, Penguin (HC)
Cronenberg, David: Consumed, Hamish Hamilton (HC)
Cross, Kady: The Girl With the Wind Up Heart, Harlequin (HC)
Csernetics, Frank Christopher: Quest for Eden: Noble Guardian Warriors, self (TD)
Cummings, Sean: The North, Bloor ST (TD)
Cummings, Sean: Marshall Conrad: A Superhero Tale, Bloor ST (TD)
Cutter, Nick: The Troop, Simon & Schuster (HC)
Czerneda, Julie: A Play of Shadow, Daw (HC)

d'Abo, Christine: Gilded Hearts, Forever Yours (TD)
d'Abo, Christine: Quicksilver Soul, Forever Yours (TD)
d'Abo, Christine: No Master, Ellora's Cave (TD)
Dales, Karen: Thanatos, Dark Dragon (TD)
Dean, Sierra: Secret Unleashed, Dark Dragon (TD)
Dean, Sierra: Grave Secret, Dark Dragon (TD)
Deen, Natasha: Guardian, Great Plains (TD)
de Castell, Sebastien: Traitor's Blade, Jo Fletcher (HC)
Delaney, Rachelle: The Circus Dogs of Prague, Puffin (TD)
Dellamonica, Alyx: Child of a Hidden Sea, Tor (HC)
de Lint, Charles : Seven Wild Sisters , Little Brown (HC)
de Lint, Charles : Jack in the Green, Subterranean (HC)
de Lint, Charles : Out of This World, Razorbill (HC)
di Julio, Ellie: The Sword of Souls, Elle Belle (TD)
DiLouie, Craig: Suffer the Children, Gallery Books (TD)
Dixon, Sean: A God in Need of Help, Coach House (TD)
Doctorow Cory Cory in Real Life Raincoast
Dowding, Philippa: The Strange Gift of Gwendolyn Golden , Dundurn (TD)
Dowding, Philippa: Jake and the Giant Hand, Dundurn (TD)
Dowset, Justine Alley & Damodred, Murandy: Mirror's Hope, Dundurn (TD)
Dreece, Adam: Along Came a Wolf, Adzo (TD)
Dreece, Adam: Breadcrumb Trail, Adzo (TD)
Dube, Marcelle: Obeah, Falcon Ridge (TD)
Dublin, Anne: Stealing Time: A Jonah Wiley Adventure, Dundurn (TD)
Dudley, Karen: Kraken Bake, Turnstone (TD)
Dumont, Dawn: Rose's Run, Thistledown (TD)
Duncan, Dave: Queen of Stars , 47 North (TD)
Duncan, Dave: The Runner and the Saint, 5 Rivers (TD)
Duncan , Dave: The Runner and the Selkie, 5 Rivers (TD)

Egan , Catherine: Bone, Fog, Ash and Star , Coteau (TD)
Evans, Chris : Of Bone and Thunder, Gallery Books (HC)
Ellis, Deborah: The Cat at the Wall, Groundwood (HC)
Erickson, Howie: The Bloodline Artifacts, Year of the Goat (TD)
Erikson , Steven: Willful Child, Tor (HC)
Esslemont, Ian C.: Assail, Bantam UK (HC)
Evans, Chris: Of Bone and Thunder, Gallery (HC)
Evans, Leigh: The Problem With Promises, St. Martin's (PB)
Evans, Richard : The Corrupter, CreateSpace (PB)

Falcone, L. M.: The Ghost and Max Monroe: The Magic Box, KidsCan (HC)
Faust, Minister: The Darkold, Narmer's Palette (TD)
Files, Gemma: We Will All Go Down Together, CZP (TD)
Fergus, Maureen: Tomorrow's Kingdom, Razorbill (HC)
Flewwelling, Pat : Helix: Blight of Exiles, Tyche (TD)
Flewwelling, Pat : The Ghastly Bargain, self (TD)
Foran, Charles : Planet Lolita, HarperCollins (TD)
Foster, Darryl: Znyth, self (TD)
Frankel, Jen: Undead Redhead, CreateSpace (TD)

Gaider David Dragon Age: Asunder
Gallant, Gail: Absolution, Doubleday (TD)
Garlick, Jaqueline: If Only He Hadn't..., CreateSpace (TD)
Ghent, Natale: Millhouse, Tundra (HC)
Gibson, William: The Peripheral , Putnam (HC)
Givner, Joanna: The Hills Are Shadows, Thistledown (TD)
Goldenberg, Alisse Lee: The Dybbuk's Mirror, Prizm (TD)
Goobie, Beth: The First Principles of Dreaming , Second Story (TD)
Gray Scott Fitzgerald Sidnye (Queen of the Universe) – Book 2
Gray, Nowick: Psybot, CreateSpace (TD)
Greenwood, Ed: The Herald, WoTC (HC)
Griffin, Britt: The Wintermen, Your Scrivener (TD)
Grime, Stephanie B.: Rogue, Feral Martian (TD)
Grubisic, Brett Josef: The Location of Unknown Possibilities, Now or Never (TD)
Guest, Jaqueline : The Comic Book War, Coteau (TD)

Hamilton-Senter, Heather: Bound in Blue, Two Paths (TD)
Hamilton-Senter, Heather: To Make a Witch, Two Paths (TD)
Harvey, Alyxandra: A Breath of Frost, Bloomsbury (HC)
Harvey, Alyxandra: Whisper the Dead, Bloomsbury (HC)
Hawksmoor, Sam: The Heaviness, CreateSpace (PB)
Hayward, Brent: Head Full of Mountains, CZP (TD)
Hirst, Elizabeth: Distant Early Warning, Pop Seagull (TD)
Hoare, Christopher: Steam and Stratagem, Tyche (TD)
Hoare, Christopher: Spies and Subterfuge, Tyche (TD)
Hooper, Emma: Etta and Otto and Russell and James, Hamish Hamilton (HC)
Hoornaert, Ed: The Midas Rush, CreateSpace (TD)
Hoornaert, Ed: The Triumph of Tompa Lee, CreateSpace (TD)
Horvath, Polly: Lord and Lady Bunny - Almost Royalty , Schwartz and WadeRazorbill (HC)
Huff, Tanya: The Future Falls , Daw (HC)
Hughes, Matthew: Old Growth, 5 Rivers (TD)
Hughes , Matthew: Of Whimsies and Noubles, PS Publishing (HC)
Hunt, Stephen: In Dark Service, Gollancz (TD)
Hunter, Aislinn: The World Before Us, Doubleday (HC)
Hunter, Sylvia Izzo: The Midnight Queen, Ace (TD)
Huser, Glen: The Elevator Ghost, Groundwood (HC)

Inglis, Kate: Flight of the Griifins, Nimbus (HC)
Islam, Ghalib: In the Unnameable Country, Hamish Hamilton (HC)

Jackson, Deborah: Mosaic, CreateSpace (TD)
Jocelyne, Marthe & Scrimger, Richard: Viminy Crowe's Comic Book, Tundra (HC)
Jobin, Matthew: The Nethergrim, Penguin (HC)
Johansen, K. V.: The Leopard, Pyr (TD)
Johansen, K. V.: The Lady, Pyr (TD)
Johnston, E. K. : The Story Of Owen: DragonSlayer of Trondheim, Lerner (HC)
Jonas, Chris: Jonas in Frames, Goose Lane (TD)
Jones, Charlene Diane: The Stain, self (TD)
Juma, Leila Lilianne: The Habitants of Greenfield, self (HC)

Karlinsky, Harry: The Stonehenge Letters, Coach House (TD)
Karpyshyn, Drew: The Scorched Earth, Ballantyne/Del Rey (HC)
Kaufman, Andrew: The Tiny Wife, Cormorant (TD)
Kerbel, Deborah: Bye, Bye Evil Eye, Dancing Cat (TD)
Kernaghan, Eileen: Sophie, In Shadow, Thistledown (TD)
King, Thomas: The Back of the Turtle , HarperCollins (HC)
Kite, Aaron: A Touch of Poison, 5 Rivers (TD)
Korman , Gordon: Memory Maze, Scholastic (HC)
Kositsky, Lynne: The Plagues of Kondar, Dundurn (TD)
Kowalski, William: The Innocence Device, Orca (TD)
Krossing, Karen: Bog, Fitzhenry & Whiteside (TD)
Kruger, Kate: The Night Has Flaws, Fierce Ink (HC)
Krys, Michelle: Hexed, Doubleday (HC)
Kyle Patrick Distance Mover Koyama

LaCombe, Derrick: After Death, self (TD)
Laderoute, D. G. : Out of Time, 5 Rivers (TD)
Laidlaw, S. J. : The Voice Outside My Head, Tundra (HC)
Laverdure, Bertrand: Universal Bureau of Copyrights , Bookthug (TD)
Lau, Doretta: How Does a Single Blade of Grass Thank the Sun, Nightwood (TD)
Leavitt, Martine : Blue Mountain, Groundwood (TD)
Legault , Stephen: Black Sun Descending, TouchWood (TD)
Leiderman, Lucy: Lives of Kings, Dundurn (TD)
Leslie, Mark: I, Death, Edge (TD)
Light, N.N.: Princess of the Light, CreateSpace (TD)
Livingston, Lesley: Now and for Never, Razorbill (TD)
Livingston, Lesley: Transcendent, HarperCollins (HC)
Livingston, Lesley & Llyr, Jonathan: The Haunting of Heck House, Puffin (TD)
Logan , Simon: Get Katja, CZP (TD)
Lott, Jennifer: Cursed Dishes , Reality Skimming (TD)

MacDonald, Susan M.: Time of Treason, Breakwater (TD)
MacGregor, Susan: The Tattooed Seer, 5 Rivers (TD)
Maclean, C. A.: The Great Scourge, self (TD)
MacUisdin, Sean Pol: The Scarlet Bastards, CreateSpace (TD)
Madore, J.L.: Ursa Unearthed, Stone's Throw (TD)
Mandel, Emily St. John: Station Eleven, HarperCollins (HC)
Maracle, Lee: Celia, Cormorant (TD)
Marcone, Vincent: The Lady Paranorma, CZP (HC)
Marshall, Clare C.: Dreams in Her Head, Faery Ink (TD)
Martin, A.: Ouija - A Novel, Bookstand (TD)
Maruno, Jennifer: Totem, Dundurn (TD)
Martineck, Michael: The Milkman, Edge (TD)
Matchet, Robin: Shake-speare's Oedipus , James Piercemore (TD)
Mathers, Matthew: The Atopia Chronicles, 47N (TD)
Mathers, Matthew: the Dystopia Chronicles, 47N (TD)
Mathers, Matthew: The Robot Chronicles, CreateSpace (TD)
McCammon, Robert: They Thirst, Subterranean (HC)
McLachlan, J.A.: Walls of Wind, self (TD)
McCarthy, Patricia K. : The Crimson Dream, self (TD)
McCormack, Eric: Cloud, Penguin (TD)
McCulloch, Amy: The Shadow's Curse, Doubleday (HC)
McPherson, Michael Andre: Sacrifice the Living, Pectopah (TD)
McPherson, Michael Andre: Generation Apocalypse, Pectopah (TD)
McGowan, Maureen: Glory, Skyscape (HC)
McGregor, Timothy: Old Flames, Burned Hands, Perdido (TD)
McIntyre, Claire: Shadow Stillness, self (TD)
McIsaac, Jodi: Among the Unseen, 47 N (TD)
McKay, W.D. : Heaven's Wrath, Pine Stone (TD)
McRae, Gordon C.: Kana and the Pilot, MacDonald Warner Media (PB)
McPherson, Jim & Bateson, Ian: Nuclear Dragons, Phantacea (TD)
Meeks, Shawn: Down on the Farm, CreateSpace (TD)
Meikle, William: Broken Sigil, DarkFuse (HC)
Meikle, William: The Exiled, DarkFuse (HC)
Meikle, William: The Plasm, DarkFuse (TD)
Meikle, William: Generations , Fringeworks (TD)
Meikle, William: Tormentors, DarkFuse (HC)
Meikle, William: The Hackney Horror, Dark Renaissance (HC)
Meikle, William: The Lost Husband, Dark Renaissance (HC)
Miller, Karen: The Falcon Throne, Orbit (HC)
Millett, Lydia: Pills and Starships, Black Sheep (TD)
Millett, Lydia: Mermaids in Paradise, Norton (HC)
Mlynowski, Sarah: Don't Even Think About It, Delacorte (HC)
Mlynowski, Sarah: Bad Hair Day, Random House (HC)
Mlynowski, Sarah: Dream On, Random House (HC)
Mlynowski, Sarah: Cold as Ice, Random House (HC)
Moores, M. J.: Time Tempest: The Lost Chapters, self (TD)
Moores, M. J.: Time Tempest: The Chronicles of Xannia, GWL (TD)
Moran, James K.: Town & Train, Lethe (TD)
Moriarty, Jaclyn: The Cracks in the Kingdom, Arthur A. Levine/Scholastic (HC)
Morine, Nicholas: Punish the Wicked, Montag (TD)
Morine, Nicholas: Cavern: City in the Dark, Problematic (TD)
Morse, Gary Thomas: Minor Expectations, Talonbooks (TD)
Munteanu, Nina: Metaverse, Pixl (TD)
Murano, Michael Joseph: Age of the Seer, CandleBright (TD)
Murray, Nico: Wintersblood, Lorem (TD)
Murray, Nico: Stealing Sunlight, Lorem (TD)

Nayman, Ira: You Can't Kill the Multiverse But You Can Mess With Its Head, Elsewhen (TD)
Nickerson, Jane: The Mirk and Midnight Hour, Knopf (HC)
Norman, Peter: Emberton, Douglas & McIntyre (TD)
North Ryan Adventure Time #4 HC

O'Donnell, Liam: Descent Into Overworld , Feeding Change (TD)
O'Hearn, Kate: The Runaway, Hodder (TD)
Onia, Al: Javenny, Bundoran (TD)
O'Malley, Brian Lee: Seconds, Random House (TD)
Oppel, Kenneth: The Boundless, HarperCollins (HC)
Owen, Douglas L.: A Sharp Spearpoint, SF&F Publications (TD)

Paille, Rhiannon: Surrender, WordFire (TD)
Paille, Rhiannon: Justice, WordFire (TD)
Paille, Rhiannon: Vulture, WordFire (TD)
Paquette, Aaron: Lightfinder, Kegedonce (TD)
Peacock, Molly: Alphabetique, McClelland & Stewart (HC)
Parkinson, S J: Twinkle, CreateSpace (TD)
Peters, Sherry: Mabel the Lovelorn Dwarf, Dwarvenamazon (TD)
Picard, Joseph: Rubberman's Cage, Ozero (TD)
Piercy, Mabel: Bunny and Shark, BookThug (TD)
Plested, Michelle: The Power Within, 5 Rivers (TD)
Priest , Robert: The Paper Sword, Dundurn (TD)

Quitsualik-Tinsley, Rachel & Sean: Skraelings, Inhabit (TD)

Radford, Sheri: Not Just Another Princess Story, Simply Read (HC)
Ramsey, Sherry D.: The Murder Prophet, self (TD)
Redhill, Michael: Saving Houdini, HarperCollins (HC)
Reichs, Kathy & Brendan: Exposure, razorbill (HC)
Reimer, Tanya: Petrified, Sunbury (TD)
Reimer, Tanya: Ghosts on the Prairies, Elsewhen (TD)
Renshaw, G.W.: The Stable Vices Affair, Javari (TD)
Reynolds, Timothy: The Broken Shield, Cometcatcher (e)
Rhodes, Morgan: Gathering Darkness, Razorbill (HC)
Ricci-Thode, Vanessa: After the Dragon raid, Iguana (HC)
Riopelle, Robin: Deadroads, Night Shade (TD)
Ripplinger, Henry K. : Angel Promises Fulfilled, Red Tuque (TD)
Rodden, Sean: Whispers of War: The War for the North, Createspace (TD)
Rohan, Julia K.: Quest For the Eagle-Eye Amulet, iUniverse (TD)
Rose, Simon: The Sphere of Septimus, Tradewind (TD)
Rosenbaum, Richard: Revenge of the Grand Narrative, Quattro (TD)
Rowen, Michelle: From Fear to Eternity, Penguin (PB)

Sagara, Michelle: Touch, Daw (HC)
Sagara, Michelle: Cast in Flame, Harlequin (TD)
Sands, Lynsay: Vampire Most Wanted , HarperCollins (PB)
Scarsbrook D, Richard: The Indifference League, Dundurn (TD)
Schroeder, Karl: Lockstep, Tor (HC)
Scrimger, Richard: Zomboy, HarperCollins (TD)
Silver, Eve: Push, HarperCollins (HC)
Sinclair, Alison: Breakpoint Nereis, Bundoran (TD)
Slayton, Shonna: Cinderella's Dress, Entangled (TD)
Smith, Caighlan: New Year, Boulder (TD)
Smith, Graeme: Jack Shadow, Red Tuque (TD)
Smith, Jefferson: Oath Keeper, Creativity Hacker (TD)
Snow, Bradley: The Second Perversion, RFW Press (TD)
Sokol, Su J.: Cycling to Asylum, Deux Voiliers (TD)
Spencer, Hugh A. D.: Extreme Dentistry, Brain Lag (TD)
Srigley, Patricia : Deeply, WigglesWorth (TD)
Srigley, Patricia : Scarecrow in the Graveyard, WigglesWorth (TD)
Srigley, Patricia : All Planetary Shipping, Wigglesworth (TD)
Stark, Virginia Carraway: Dalton's Daughter, Starklight (TD)
Sternbergh, Adam: Shovel Ready, Random House (HC)
Stewart, Glynn: Starship's Mage, self (TD)
Stewart, Glynn: Children of Prophecy, self (TD)
Stewart, Michael F.: Assured Destruction With Zombies, Non Sequitur (TD)
Stirling, S. M.: The Golden Princess, Roc (HC)
St. James, Simone: Silence For the Dead, Nal (TD)
St. John Mandel, Emily: Station Eleven, HarperCollins (HC)
Strange, Liz: Erased, Crossroads (e)
Stratton, Alan: The Resurrection of Mabel Mary McTavish, Dundurn (TD)
Struyk-Bonn, Chris: Whispering, Orca (TD)
Sumner-Smith, Karina: Radiant, Talos (TD)
Sweet, Caitlin: The Door in the Mountain, CZP (TD)
Suma, Cheryl Skory: Habitan: The Parallel Place, self (TD)
Sun, Amanda: Rain, Harlequin (TD)
Sutherland, Bryan: Marvellous, self (TD)

Terry, Teri: Shattered, Nancy Paulsen/Penguin (HC)
Todd, Richard S.: The Orphans of the Creek, Sky Lake (TD)
Tolmie, Sarah: The Stone Boatmen, Aqueduct (TD)
Tolmie, Sarah: No Food, Aqueduct (TD)
Tefs, Wayne: Barker, Turnstione (TD)

Virgo, Sean: The Shadow Mother, Groundwood (TD)
Voisin, Lisa: The Angel Killer, Inkspell (TD)

Wallace, T. M.: Wintergarden, Brownridge (TD)
Walsh, Krista: Evensong, Raven's Quill (TD)
Walsh, Krista: Eventide, Raven's Song (TD)
Walters, Eric: The Rule of Three, Razorbill (HC)
Walton, Jo: My Real Children, Tor (HC)
Watman, Sean W.: Toxrane, Strategic (TD)
Watts, Peter: Echopraxis, Tor (HC)
Weekes, Patrick: Dragon Age: The Masked Empire, Tor (TD)
Weir, Ian C.: Will Starling, Goose Lane (HC)
Weston, Robert Paul: Gobbled by Ghorks, Razorbill (HC)
White, Claudia: Key to Kashdune, MP Publishing (HC)
Whitehouse Howard Zombie Elementary TD
Wiebe, Joanna: The Unseemly Education of Anne Merchant, BenBella (TD)
Williams, Donna Glee: The Braided Path, Edge (TD)
Williams, Lynda: Unholy Science, Edge (TS)
Willett, Ed: Song of the Sword, Coteau (TD)
Willett, Ed: Twist of the Blade, Coteau (TD)
Willett, Ed: Right To Know, Bundoran (TD)
Wilson, Britt: Cat Dad, King of the Goblins, Koyama (TD)
Wood, Gareth: Dead Inside, Permuted (TD)
Woods, Jane: The Walking Tanteek, Goose Lane (TD)
Wren, Jacob: Polyamorous Love Song, Bookthug (TD)

Young, Moira: Raging Star, Doubleday (HC)

Zentner, Alexi: The Lobster Kings, Knopf (TD)

Atwood, Margaret: Stone Mattress: Nine Tales, Nan. A. Talese (HC)
Bachmann, Stefan: The Cabinet of Curiosities, HarperCollins (HC)
Baker, Neil: Amok (Short Sharp Shocks), April Moon (TD)
Bechtel, Greg: Boundary Problems, Freehand (TD)
Carrol, Emily: Through the Woods, McElderry (HC)
Church, Suzanne: Elements, Edge (TD)
Compton, Wayde: The Outer Harbour Stories, Arsenal (TD)
Day, Francois: Movements in the Ether , self (TD)
Dube, Peter: Beginning With the Mirror, Lethe (TD)
Farrant, M.A.C.: The World Afloat, Talonbooks (TD)
Goto, Hiromi & Jemisin, N.K.: Fail, Aqueduct (TD)
Gray, Norwich: Strange Love/Romance Not For Sale, CreateSpace (TD)
Johnson, Matthew: Irregular Verbs, CZP (TD)
Kenyon, Michael: Parallel Rivers , Thistledown (TD)
Klavan, Laurence: The Family Unit and Other Stories, CZP (TD)
Little, John R. : Little by Little, Bad Moon/Dark Renaissance (TD)
Marcone, Vincent: The Lady Paranorma, CZP (TD)
Marshall, Helen: Gifts For the One Who Comes After, CZP (HC)
McCharles, Randy: Necromancer's Candle and Two Other Stories of Contemporary Fantasy, Edge (TD)
Meikle, William: Samurai and Other Stories, Crystal Lake (TD)
Meikle, William: The Kew Growths and Others , Dark Renaissance (HC)
Meikle, William: Sherlock Holmes: The Quality of Mercy and Other Stories, Dark Renaissance (TD)
Miscione, Christine: Auxiliary Skins, Mansfield (TD)
Nickle, David: Fish and Other Stories, CZP (TD)
Page, Kathy: Paradise and Elsewhere, Biblioasis (TD)
Paille, Rhiannon: Villains: Novellas, WordFire (TD)
Parrish, Rhonda: Waste Not: And Other Funny Zombie Stories, Poise and Pen (TD)
Pflug, Ursula: Harvesting the Moon, PS Publishing (HC)
Rolli , Charles Anderson: I am Currently Working on a Novel, Tightrope (TD)
Strantzas, Simon: Burnt Black Suns, Hippocampus (TD)
Tolmie, Sarah: No Food, Aqueduct (TD)