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2018 Novels & Collections

This is a list of books of literature of the fantastic written by Canadians. Only those which are novels or novel-length collections are eligible for the Sunburst Award.

Note: HC=Hardcover; TD=Trade Cover; PB=Paperback; E=Ebook

Copyright 2018; All Rights Reserved


Abram, Elise, The Revenant (EMSA, TD)
Albahari, David, Checkpoint (Restless Books, TD)
Allen, Megan Rose, Enid Strange (Dancing Cat, TD)
Alward, Amy,  Going Viral (Simon & Schuster, TD)
Annandale, David,  Warden of the Blade (Black Library, TD)
Annandale, David, The Horus Heresy: Ruinstorm (Black Library, TD)
Annandale, David, Castellan (Black Library, TD)
Annandale, David, Lord of Drakes (Black Library, TD)
Arbuthnott, Shane, Terra Nova (Orca, TD)
Arden, Katherine, Small Spaces (Del Rey, TD)
Arden, Katherine,  The Girl in the Tower (Del Rey, TD)
Arenson, Daniel, The Legacy of Earth (Createspace, TD)
Arenson, Daniel, An Echo of Earth (Createspace, TD)
Arenson, Daniel, The Song of Earth (Createspace, TD)
Armstrong, Kelley, Rough Justice (Subterranean, TD)
Armstrong, Kelley. Aftermath (Doubleday, TD)
Armstrong, Kelley, This Fallen Prey (Doubleday, TD)
Arthur, Mel, The Last Iteration (Edge, TD)
Auxier, Jonatha,  Sweep:The Story of a Girl and Her Monster (Puffin Canada, TD)

Bailey, Linda, Stowing Away With The Vikings (Kids Can, TD)
Baillie, David, What We Salvage (CZP, TD)
Ball, Krista D., The Demons We See (Createspace, TD)
Barbeau, Melissa, The Luminous Sea (Breakwater, TD)
Barclay, Linwood, Escape (Puffin, TD)
Barclay, Linwood, A Noise Downstairs (Doubleday Canada, TD)
Bardy, Stephanie, Eternally Bound (Createspace, TD)
Baugh, Leanne, The Story of My Face (Second Story, TD)
Beiko, S.M., Children of the Bloodlands (ECW, TD)
Bell, E.C., Hearing Voices (Tyche, TD)
Bergeron, Alain N., Billy Stuart and the Zintrepids (Orca, TD)
Berube, Amelinda, The Dark Beneath the Ice (Soucebooks, TD)
Blake, Elly, Nightblood (Little Brown, TD)
Blazevic, Natasha K., Grimenna (Edge, TD)
Bleakley, H.G., Sleep Over (Talos, TD)
Boone, Ezekiel, The Mansion (Simon & Schuster / Atria, TD)
Boyd, Alex, Army of the Brave and Accidental (Harbour, TD)
Brinn, Brittni, The Patch Project (Edge, TD)
Brock, David James, Ten-Headed Alien (Wolsack & Wynn, TD)
Buday, Grant, Atomic Road (Anvil, TD)
Burgoine, Nathan, Exit Plans for Teenage Freaks (Bold Stroke, TD)
Burgeon, Nathan, Of Echoes Born (Bold Strokes, TD)

Cameron, Miles, Cold Iron (Orion / Gollancz, TD)
Carmichael, Jody Family of Spies (Great Plains, TD)
Carriere, S.M., Skylark (Renaissance, TD)
Carson, Louise, In Which (Broken Rules Press, TD)
Cassidy, Sarah, The Great Googlini (Orca, TD)
Caul, Kaitlin, Life After Rebdy (Renaissance, TD)
Chapman, Elsie, Along the Indigo (Harry N. Abrams, TD)
Charish, Kristi, Owl and the Tiger Thieves (Gallery, TD)
Chen, Jennifer, Super! (Insomniac, TD)
Chong, Kevin, The Plague (Arsenal Pulp, TD)
Choyce, Lesley, Kryptonite (Orca, TD)
Chute, Alexis Marie, Above the Star (Spark Press, TD)
Ciano, F.L., Digital Wilderness (Friesen, TD)
Ciccarelli, Kristen, The Caged Queen (HarperTeen, TD)
Cleversey, Meredith, Shade (Seven Sisters, TD)
Coakley, Lena, Wicked Nix (HarperCollins, TD)
Comeau, Michael, Winter's Cosmos (Koyama, TD)
Cotter, Charis, The Ghost Road (Tundra, TD)
Crewe, Megan, Wounded Magic (Another World Press, TD)
Cumym, Alan, North to Benjamin (Atheneum / Caitlyn Dlouhy Books, TD)
Currie, Evan, Odysseus Ascendant (47N, PB)
Czerneda, Julie, Search Image (Daw, TD)

Davis, Lauren B., The Grimoire of Kensington Market (Buckrider / Wolsak & Wynn, TD)
Dawn, Amber, Sodom Road Exit (Arsenal, TD)
Dey, Claudia, Heartbreaker (HarperAvenue, TD)
de Castell, Sebastien, Spellslinger (Orbit, TD)
de Castell, Sebastien, Charmcaster (Orbit, TD)
de Castell, Sebastien, Soulbinder (Orbit, TD)
Delaney, Rachelle, Clara Voyant (Puffin, TD)
de Mariaffi, Elisabeth, I Remember You (HarperCollins, TD)
de Mariaffi, Elisabeth, Hysteria (Titan, TD)
Demers, Julie, Little Beast (Coach House, TD)
DeMeulemeester, Linda, The Mystery of Croaker's Island (Wandering Fox, TD)
Desjardins, Martine, The Greenchamber (Talonbooks, TD)
deWitt, Patrick, French Exit (Anansi, TD)
di Louie, Craig, One of Us (Orbit, TD)
Dickson, H. Leighton, Snow in the Year of the Dragon (Createspace, TD)
Dowding, Philippa, Oculum (Dancing Cat, TD)
Dowding, Philippa, Weird Stories Gone Wrong: Blackwells and the Briny Deep (Dundurn, TD)
Dowding, Philippa, Alex and the Other (Dundurn, TD)
Dowsett, Justine & Murandy Damodred, Mirror's Deceit (Mirror World, TD)
Drake, Darrell, A Star-Reckoner's Legacy (self, TD)
Dube, Paulette, Autant (Thistledown, TD)
Dubeau, J.F., The God in the Shed II / Song of the Sandman (Inkshares, TD)
Duchene, Daniel. The Great Divide (self, TD)
Duncan, Dave, Trial by Treason (Skyhorse, TD)
Duncan, Dave, One Velvet Glove (5 Rivers, TD)
Dunne, Bradley, After Dark Vapours (Engen, TD)
Dupont, Eric, Songs For the Cold Heart (Baraka, TD)
Dyment, S.K., Steel Animals (Inanna, TD)

Eames, Nicholas, Bloody Rose (Orbit, TD)
Edugyan, Esi, Washington Black (Knopf Canada, TD)
Edwards, Leigh Ann, A Wtch's Life (Tule, TD)
Egan, Catherine, Julia Unbound (Doubleday Canada, TD)
Elberg, Nathan, Quantum Cannibals (Double Dragon, TD)
Elliott, Zetta, Dragons in a Bag (Random House, TD)
Elwood, Jake, Rumors of War (Createspace, TD)
Elwood, Jake, Star Peregrine (Createspace, TD)
Elwood, Jake, Prison Planet (Createspace, TD)
Erikson, Steven, Rejoice, A Knife to the Heart (Promontory, TD)
Erikson, Steven, Willful Child:The Search for Spark (Tor, TD)
Ernest, Phillip, The Vetala (Linda Leith, TD)
Escalada, V.M., Gift of Griffins (Daw, TD)
Estabrooks, Spencer, Sharkasaurus (Renegade Arts, TD)
Ettritch, Sarah, Their Last Hope (Norn, TD)

Farquhar, Jennifer Dawn, Watermark (Latitude 46, TD)
Faruqi, Sonia, The Oyster Thief (Pegasus / Penguin, TD)
Faust, Minister, Shrinking the Heroes (Narmer's Palette, TD)
Fawcett, Heather, All The Wandering Light (Balzer & Bray, TD)
Ferris, Gloria, Blood Patch (self, TD)
Feutl, Rita, Rescue in the Rockies (Coteau, TD)
Files, Gemma, Invocabulary (Aqueduct, TD)
Flannery, Kat, Blood Curse (Picco, TD)
Flannery, Kat, Sacred Legacy (Picco, TD)
Ford, Scott A., Ark Land (CZP, TD)
Forester, Victoria, The Boy Who Lived Forever (Feiwel and Friends, TD)
Foster, Kim, Game of Secrets (Sky Pony / Thomas Allen, TD)
Fournier, Caitlyn, The Forbidden Village (Createspace, TD)
Fournier, Caitlyn, Red Rain (Createspace, TD)
Foyle, Naomi, Stained Light (Quercus, TD)
Frey, J.M., The Skylark's Song (Reuts, TD)
Frey, J.M., Triptych (self, TD)
Frutkin, Mark, The Rising Tide (Porcupine's Quill, TD)

Gamble, Wendy MacLeod, Earth and Beyond: Med Sci Missions (self, TD)
Gardner, James Alan, They Promised Me The Gun Wasn't Loaded (Tor, TD)
Gardner, Whitney, Fake Bollod (Simon & Schuster, TD)
Gaudet, L. V., The Gypsy Queen (Createspace, TD)
Gent, Larry, Never Been to Mars (Midnight Reading, TD)
Gent, Larry, To Money and a TV (Midnight Reading, TD)
Gent, Larry, She Who Trains Under Death (Midnight Reading, TD)
George, Kallie, Heartwood Hotel: Better Together (Disney – Hyperion, TD)
George, Kallie, Heartwood Hotel: Home Again (Disney – Hyperion, TD)
Ginther, Chadwick, Graveyard Mind (CZP, TD)
Giron, Sephera, Eternal Sunset (Macabre Ink, TD)
Giron, Sephera, A Penny Saved (Createspace, TD)
Goelman, Ari, The Innocence Treatment (MacMillan / Square Fish, TD)
Goldenberg, Alisse Lee, The Wizard's Apprentice (Pandamoon, TD)
Goldenberg, Alisse Lee, The Island of Mystics (Pandamoon, TD)
Goldenberg, Alisse Lee, The False Princess (Pandamoon, TD)
Greene, Elizabeth, A Season Among Psychics (Inanna, TD)
Greene, Jenna, Reborn (self, TD)
Griffin, Brit, Into the Deep Dark (Latitude 46, TD)
Groth, Dartren & Simon, Infinite Blue (Orca, TD)

Hage, Rawi, Beirut Hellfire Society (Knopf Canada, TD)
Harmer, Liz, The Amateurs (Knopf Canada, TD)
Hartman, Rachel, Tess of the Road (Penguin / Random House, TD)
Haugland, Bill, Portals (Vehicule, TD)
Hawkins, Kay, The Stars are Calling (, TD)
Heartfield, Kate, Armed in Her Fashion (CZP, TD)
Heartfield, Kate, Alice Payne Arrives (Tor, TD)
Heroux, Jason, Amusement Park of Constant Sorrow (Mansfield Press, TD)
Hicks, Faith Erin, The Divided City (First Second, TD)
Hird, Cathy, Riven: When Storms Collide (Waldorf, TD)
Honeybourn, Jennifer, When Life Gives You Demons (Swoon Reads, TD)
Hooper, Emma, Our Homesick Songs (Hamish Hamilton, TD)
Hore, R.J., Toltec Noon (eTreaures Publishing, TD)
Horner, Bradley, Saul (self, TD)
Horner, Bradley, Darkside Earther (self, TD)
Horner, Bradley, Degrading Orbits (self, TD)
Horner, Bradley, Saul (self, TD)
Horvath, Polly, Very Rich (Puffin Canada, TD)
Hrivnak, Jason, Mutilation Song (CZP, TD)
Huff, Tanya, A Privilege of Peace (Daw, TD)
Humphrey, Anna, Megabat (Tundra, TD)
Hunder, Logan J., Astro-Nuts (Nightshade, TD)
Hunt, Stephen, Empty Between the Stars (Green Nebula, TD)
Hunt, Stephen, Mission to Mightadore (self, TD)
Hunt, Stephen, Hell Fleet (self, TD)

Johnson, Harold R., Clifford (Anansi, TD)
Johnson, Sarah L., Infractus (Coffin Hop, TD)
Johnson, Tyrell, The Wolves of Winter (Scribner, TD)
Johnston, Timothy S., The War Beneath (CZP, TD)
Joyce, Mere, Shade (Primedia, TD)
Joyce, Mere, Shadow (Primedia, TD)

Kavanagh, J.C., The Twisted Climb: Darkness Descends (BWL, TD)
Kearsley, Susanna, Bellewether (Simon & Schuster, TD)
Keck, Dave, A King in Cobwebs (Tor, TD)
Keeling, Ian Donald, Out There (CZP, TD)
Kellough, Janet, The Bathwater Conspiracy (Edge, TD)
Kelly, David M., Perimeter (Nemesis, TD)
Kilpatrick, Nancy, Abduction of Two Rulers (Crossroads Press, TD)
King, Wesley, A World Below (Simon & Schuster / Paula Wiseman, TD)
Korman, Gordon, Whatshisface (Scholastic, TD)
Kuipers, Alice, Polly Diamond and the Magic Book (Chronicle, TD)
Kunsken, Derek, The Quantum Magician (Solaris, TD)

Lai,Larissa, The Tiger Flu (Arsenal Pulp Press, TD)
Lalonde, Catherine, The Faerie Devouring (BookThug, TD)
Langlais, Eve, Siren Misfit (self, TD)
Langlais ,Eve, In the Mood Fur Love (self, TD)
Langlais, Eve, Dreams of Darkness (self, TD)
Langlais, Eve, Bound to the Bear (self, TD)
Langlais, Eve, The Wolf's Secret Vegas Bride (self, TD)
Langlais, Eve, The Cyborg's Stowaway (self, TD)
Langlais, Eve, Reverse Abduction (self, TD)
Langlais, Eve, Hybrid Misfit (self, TD)
Langlais, Eve, The Big Alpha in Town (self, TD)
Langlais, Eve, A Demon Stole My Kitty (self, TD)
Langlais, Eve, First Maste's Accidental Wife (self, TD)
Langlais, Eve, The Captain's Daughter (self, TD)
Langlais, Eve, Chance's Game (self, TD)
Langlais, Eve, Deadly Match (self, TD)
Langlais, Eve, Thanks Fur Last Night (self, TD)
Langlais, Eve, Doe and Wolf (self, TD)
Langlais, Eve, Croc and the Fox (self, TD)
Langlais, Eve, Swan and the Bear (self, TD)
Langlais, Eve, Siren Misfit (self, TD)
Langlais, Eve, Roo and the Angel (self, TD)
Langlais, Eve, Demon Walking (self, TD)
Langlais, Eve, Hell's King (self, TD)
Larson, Rich, Annex (Orbit, TD)
Latimer, E., The Strange and Deadly Portraits of Byrony Gra (Tundra, TD)
Laybolt, B.C., To Drown in Ash (self, TD)
Leduc, Amanda, The Centaur's Wife (Random House, TD)
Lee, Fonda, Cross Fire (Scholastic, TD)
Lee, Guinevere, Orope – The White Snake (Morgan James, TD)
Lefave, Kaz & Sylvia McConnell, Nemecene: Through Fire & Ice (Aquacene, TD)
Lehner, R.J., The Eternal Masquerade (AuthorHouse, TD)
Leitao, Day, The Spell Speakers (Sparkly Wave, TD)
Leitao, Day, Step Into Magic (Sparkly Wave, TD)
Leroux, Catherine, Madame Victoria (Biblioasis, TD)
Lewis, Jennifer Carole, Judgment (Past the Mirror, TD)
Liddell, Merilyn Ruth, Tomorrow (Hades, TD)
Lim, Thea, An Ocean of Minutes (Touchstone, TD)
Lindsey, Erin, Murder on Millionaires Row (Minotaur, TD)
Livingstone, Lesley, The Defiant (HarperCollins, TD)
Lix,  Caryn, Sanctuary (Simon Pulse, TD)
Lohans, Alison, Timefall (5 Rivers, TD)
Loughead, Deb, Bright Shining Moment (Second Story, TD)
Lye, Harriet Alida, The Honey Farm (Vagrant Press / Nimbus, TD)

MacDonald, Susan M., Treason's Edge (Breakwater, TD)
MacGregor, Roy & Kerry, The Ice Chips and the Magical Rink (HarperCollins, TD)
MacGregor, Roy & Kerry, The Ice Chips and the Haunted Hurricane (HarperCollins, TD)
Maharaj, Rabindranath, Adjacentland (Buckrider, TD)
MacKnight, Wendy MacLeod, The Frame Up (Greenwillow, TD)
Marks, Arlene F., The Relativity Bomb (Hades, TD)
Masson, Cynthea, The Flaw in Stone (ECW, TD)
McAulty, Todd, The Robots of Gotham (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt / John Joseph Adams, TD)
McCulloch, Amy, Jinxed (Simon & Schuster,PB)
McDonell, Regan, Black Chuck (Orca, TD)
McGrath, V.S., The Devil's Standoff (Brain Mill, TD)
McKay, Ami, Half Spent Was the Night (Knopf Canada, TD)
McNicoll, Sylvia, Body Swap (Dundurn, TD)
Mehrota, Rati, Markswoman (HarperVoyager, TD)
Mehta, Anubha, Peacock in the Snow (Inanna, TD)
Meier, Shirley, Shadow of a Soul on Fire (Henchman, TD)
Meikle, William, The Boathouse (Crossroads, TD)
Meikle, WilliamRamskull (Macabre Ink, TD)
Meikle, William, Operation Antarctica (Severed, TD)
Meikle, WilliamThe Green and the Black (Crossroad Press, TD)
Mlynowski, Sarah, Lauren Myracle & Emily Jenkins, Dragon Overnight (Scholastic, TD)
Mlynowski, Sarah, Two Peas in a Pod (Scholastic, TD)
Mlynowski, Sarah, Seeing Red (Scholastic, TD)
Mlynowski, Sarah, Weather or Not (Scholastic, TD)
Moore, Fiona, Driving Ambition (Bundoran, TD)
Moores, M. J., Time's Tempest (Infinite Pathway's Press, TD)
Moores, M.J., Forgotten Fallacy (Infinite Pathway's Press, TD)
Morrison, Diane, Once Upon a Time in the Wyrd West (self, TD)
Munday, Evan, Connect the Scotts (ECW, TD)
Murgan, Claudiu, Water Entanglement (Author Academy, TD)
Murray, Katlin, Avidaura (Createspace, TD)
Mutch, Maria, When We Were Birds (Simon & Schuster, TD)
Myers, B.R., Final Sale (Library Archives of Canada, TD)
Myers, B.R., Medallion of Murder (Blue Moon, TD)

Nasrallah, Dimitri, The Bleeds (Vehicule, TD)
Nayman, Ira, Arns and the Man (Aardvark's Eye, TD)
Neale, Jen,Land Mammals and Sea Creatures (ECW, TD)
Nelson, Colleen & Nancy Chappell Pollack, Pulse Poimt (Great Plains, TD)
Neuvel, Sylvain, Only Human (Del Rey, TD)
North, Ryan, How to Invent Everything (Riverhead, TD)

O'Donnell, Liam, The Case of Firebane's Folly (Orca, TD)
O'Hearn, Kate, The Runaway (Aladdin, TD)
O'Hearn, Kate, War of the Realms (Aladdin, TD)
Oppel, Kenneth, Inkling (HarperCollins, TD)
Orr, Wendy, Swallow's Dance (Pajama Press, TD)

Paige, Harriet, Man With a Seagull on His Head (Biblioasis, TD)
Paquette, Ammi-Joan, The Train of Lost Things (Philomel, TD)
Parley, Kay, The Grass People (Radiant Press, TD)
Payne, Mary Jennifer, Solomon's Ring: Daughters of Light (Dundurn, TD)
Peacock, Shane, Monster (Tundra, TD)
Pearl, Stephen B., Cats (self, TD)
Pflug, Ursula, Down From (Snuggly, TD)
Polk, C.L., Witchmark (Tor, TD)

Quimper, Charles, In Every Wave (Baraka, TD)

Rahn, Jennifer, The Cyanide Process (Bundoran, TD)
Ramsey, Sherry, Planet Fleep (self, TD)
Raughley, Sarah, Legacy of Light (Simon & Schuster, TD)
Reid, Iain, Foe (Simon & Schuster Canada, TD)
Reid, Raziel, Kens (Penguin Teen, TD)
Reynolds, K.A., The Land of Yesterday (HarperCollins, TD)
Rhodes, Morgan, Immortal Reign (PenguinRandom House / Razorbill, TD)
Rice, Waubgeshig, Moon of the Crusted Snow (ECW, TD)
Ridler, Jason, Black Lotus Kiss (Nightshade, TD)
Robertson, David Alan, Monsters (Highwater Press, TD)
Robinson, Eden, Trickster Drift (Knopf Canada, TD)
Robson, Kelly, Gods, Monsters and the Lucky Peach (, TD)
Romano-Lax, Andromeda, Plum Rains (Soho, TD)
Romero, George A., Humongo Bongo (CZP, TD)
Rooke, Leon, The House on Major Street (The Porcupine's Quill, TD)
Rose, Simon, Shadowzone (self, TD)
Rose, Simon, Into the Web (self, TD)
Rose, Simon, Black Dawn (self, TD)
Russell, Sean, Moontide Magic Rise (Daw, TD)

Sagara, Michelle, Wicked Deeds (Harlequin / Mira, TD)
Sagara West, Michelle, Firstborn (Daw, TD)
Sakamoto, Kerri, Floating City (Knopf Canada, TD)
Sands, Kevin, Call of the Wraith (Aladdin, TD)
Sands, Lynsey, Twice Bitten (HarperCollins / Avon, TD)
Sands, Lynsay, Vampires Like it Hot (HarperCollins / Avon, TD)
Sasaki,S.E., Amazing Grace (self,PB)
Sasson, Vanessa, Yasodhara (Speaking Tiger Books)
Sasaki, S.E., Genesis (self, TD)
Saul, Jonas, The Immortal Gene (Vesuvian Books, TD)
Saul, Jonas, The Future is Written (Adaptive, TD)
Schaeffer, Rebecca M., Not Even Bones  (HMH for Young Readers, TD)
Schroeder, Karl, The Million (, TD)
Schulman, Audrey, Theory of Bastards (Europa, TD)
Selecky, Sarah, Radiant Shimmering Light (HarperAvenue, TD)
Senese, Rebecca M., Santa Clause: Private Detective (RFAR, TD)
Senese, Rebecca M., Beyond Limits (RFAR, TD)
Senese,Rebecca M., A Retribution of Soul (RFAR, TD)
Senese, Rebecca M., A Remembrance of Flesh (RFAR, TD)
Senese, Rebecca M., Beyond Bounds (RFAR, TD)
Senese, Rebecca M., A Reluctance of Blood (RFAR, TD)
Shields, Erin, Paradise Lost (Playrights Canada Press, TD)
Silver, Eve, Dark Embrace (self, TD)
Slade, Arthur, Modo: Ember's End (Orca, TD)
Slade, Arthur, Crimson (HarperCollins, TD)
Smith, Caighlan, Children of Daedala (Switch, TD)
Smith, Susannah M., The Fairy Tale Museum (Invisible, TD)
Sommersby, Jennifer, Sleight (HarperCollins, TD)
Smith, Jonathan, Of Echoes Born (Bold Stroke,
Spider,Star, Past Tense: A novel (HarperCollins Canada, TD)
Stephens, Lorina M., Caliban (5 Rivers, TD)
Stephens, Richard H., Soul Forge (self, TD)
Stephens, Richard H., The Wizard of the North (self, TD)
Stewart, A.F., Souls of the Dark Sea (self, TD)
Stewart, Glynn, Stay of Execution (Faolan's Pen, TD)
Stewart, Glynn, Mage Provocateur (Faolan's Pen, TD)
Stewart, Glynn, Exile (Faolan's Pen, TD)
Stewart, Michael F., Ray vs.The Meaning of Life (The Publishing House, TD)
Stirling, S.M., Black Chamber (Ace, TD)
Stirling, S.M., The Sky Blue Wolves (Ace, TD)
St. James, Simone, The Broken Girls (Berkley, TD)
Stobbe, Christine, Myrhiadh's War (self, TD)
Stobbe, Christine, Dragon's Fire (self, TD)
Stoker, Dacre & J.D. Barker, Dracul (Transworld / Bantam UK, TD)
Stokes, Tawny, Lions and Tigers and Boys (Createspace, TD)
Story, Kate, Antilia (CZP, TD)
Stone, Justus R., Ragnarok (Red Bucket, TD)
Stroud, Carsten, Shimmer (Mira, TD)
Sutherland, Joel, Night of the Living Dolls (Scholastic, TD)
Sylvester, Kevin, MiNRS 3 (Simon & Schuster, TD)
Sylvester, Kevin, The Almost Epic Squad: Mucus Mayhem (Scholastic Canada, TD)

Tagak, Tanya, Split Tooth (Penguin / Random House, TD)
Talaber, Frank, Vancouver's Spirits (Ebound, TD)
Tamaki, Kenneth, Battle Line: The Champions of 1944 (Iceberg, TD)
Tamaki, Mariko, Lumberjanes: The Good Egg (Amulet, TD)
Tamaki, Mariko, Lumberjanes: The Moon is Up (Harry N. Abrams, TD)
Tannahill, Jordan, Declarations (Coach House, TD)
Tannahill, Jordan, Liminal (Anansi, TD)
Tannahill,Jordan, Boticelli in the Fire & Sunday in Sodom (Playwrights Canada, TD)
Taylor, Timothy, The Rule of Stephens (Doubleday, TD)
Tennant, Jamie, The Captain of Kinnoull Hill (Palimpsest, TD)
Thorne, Nancy, Victorian Town (Soul Mate, TD)
Thorpe, Maureen, Tangle of Time (Canadabooks, TD)
Tomlinson, Dania, Our Animal Hearts (Doubleday Canada, TD)
Torres, J., How to Spot a Sasquatch (Owlkids, TD)
Tristen, Sienna, The Heretic's Guide to Homecoming (Molewhale, TD)
Tully, Daniela, Hotel on Shadow Lake (St. Martin's, TD)

Vedam, Shereen, Coven at Callington (Library & Archives Canada, TD)
Vedam, Shereen, Hidden (Library & Archives Canada, TD)
Vedam, Shereen, Hushed (Library & Archives Canada, TD)
Verstraete, Larry, Coop the Great (Yellow Dog / Great Plains, TD)

Waller, Jae, The Call of the Rift: Flight (ECW, TD)
Walsh, Krista, Gods of the Stone Oracle (Createspace, TD)
Walters, Eric, Fourth Dimension (Penguin / Random House, TD)
Walters, Eric, Elephant Secret (Puffin Canada, TD)
Walton, Jo, Poor Relations (Tor, TD)
Walton, Jo, Starlings (Tachyon, TD)
Watts, Peter, The Freeze-Frame Revolution (Tachyon, TD)
Weekes, Patrick, Feeder (Simon & Schuster / McElderry, TD)
Weir, Kevin, Endless Hunger (Edge, TD)
Weymouth, Laura E., The Light Between Worlds (HarperTeen, TD)
Wentz, Maaja, Feeding Frenzy (Loon Lake,Mayhematic, TD)
Wheeler, Zachry, Max and the Banjo Ferret (Viking,PB)
Whyte, Jack, The Burning Stone (Tor, TD)
Wilkinson, Brian, Paramnesia (Blue Moon, TD)
Wilkinson, Brian, Battledoors:The Golden Slate (Blue Moon, TD)
Willett, Ed,  Worldshaper (DawTD)
Wilmot, Andrew, The Death Scene Artist (Poplar / Wolsak & Wynn, TD)
Wilson, John, The Ruined City (Orca, TD)
Wynne-Jones, Tim, The Ruinous Sweep (Candlewick, TD)

Youers,Rio, Halcyon (St. Martins, TD)


Anderson, Colleen, A Body of Work (Black Shuck Books, TD)
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